Top 9 Talents that you won’t want!

Good Morning! I figured since its a Monday, we all could use a laugh to start out the week! Thanks to WriteNLive blogger this post was inspired πŸ™‚ I guess after she reads this she can decide if she is thankful or not for the idea she gave me πŸ™‚ She had commented on one of my posts saying I am talented and I was thankful for those nice words of appreciation. I assured her tho that I have talents she wouldn’t want and this post was born!

Top 9 Talents you won’tΒ  want!

  1. I have mastered the talent of getting lost in my own town and just about anywhere! Sense of direction is NOT one of my senses!
  2. The ability to always pick the slowest checkout line in the store!
  3. The art of being able to only draw stick figures and hearts! At 5years old my dear daughter asked me to draw her a horse. I did, she looked and replied, “Mommy that is NOT a horse, what is it?”
  4. Being able to head out of a store getting to the door and sometimes even walking out the door UNITENTIONALLYΒ  with something in my hand when I realize I haven’t paid for it! Those times you just go into browse and pick up something as you continue browsing, not really intending to buy it. YES, BE ASSURED I have gone back to pay for the item or put the item back! Feel free to let me know that you possess this talent also! I am sure there is someone out there!
  5. The art of accidentally catching your hair on fire! Yes, this is the talent you really DON’T want!! No worries, it wasn’t major, BUT will tell you scorched hair does NOT smell good!
  6. The ability to catch a moving car! That takes skill wouldn’t you say? πŸ™‚
  7. Tripping up the stairs or just tripping on the bumpy air as you walk!
  8. The art of jumping and squealing at something much smaller than me! But this something has 8 legs and is hairy! Yes, I detest spiders! Here is a story for you. A few years back my DEAR Mother-in-law found out that my daughter wanted a remote control spider for her birthday. Well I sure had no intention of getting it! When my daughter unwrapped the gift her face lit up with joy and mine did not exactly have the JOYFUL look! Maybe more of a glaring look! Ha! Fortunately my MIL and I have a great relationship, but SOMEDAY who knows what she will unwrap!
  9. The art of being rear ended 2x at the same intersection on the same day!

So I hope these made you laugh to start your day out and to know that in life you can’t always take yourself seriously! Laugh at yourself ! What talents do you have that may not make people green with envy! Share below πŸ™‚

32 thoughts on “Top 9 Talents that you won’t want!

  1. You are talented indeed. Isn’t it superb that you are able to laugh at yourself? It is a rare talent! I thoroughly enjoyed each and every talent of yours. I am with you on no. 7! I trip on everything. People tell me I cannot walk straight on an empty road even πŸ™‚
    I am so glad you did this post. Waiting for Tuesday’s quotes, already…

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  2. A remote control spider, yikes! Thankfully my kids never asked for anything like that, although they once got into my yarn and strung it all over the house pretending to be spiders themselves! I think I would have bought one if they had asked, but I’d have made sure it was in bright toy colors and couldn’t possibly be mistaken for the real thing! Hee hee.

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  3. Hahahaha, I love reading this post. Perfect start to a monday. If it makes you feel better, in all seriousness, I once drew the map of Nigeria (which I thought was beautiful) and was told it looked like a Yam.
    BTW. This post of yours inspired me to write mine too 😁. Will post it later today. Yay to our quirks πŸ™Œ

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  5. Okay, #3 had me in stitches!

    And I’ve done #4 before (especially, for some reason, with greeting cards). AND I’ve done #5, too. I feel for you!

    I’ll have to think more about this list and figure out my own unique “anti-talents.” Thanks for the great idea!


    • Can’t wait to see your list! So glad you stopped my by site and thanks for following me! YES I knew there was someone else out there that has done Number 4 before! πŸ™‚ And OH NO on doing number 5! Hope it was only a one time thing like me! Here you want another laugh as to how I did it. You get to know since you were brave enough to say you did the same thing. I was house sitting for a friend who had a gas stove. I turned on the burner and was like its not coming on. I was not used to gas stoves. Waited a little and thought ,”Gee must not be working!” Bent down my head to take a closer look and POOF the burner came on as it caught the ends of my hair. You can believe i never made that mistake again!

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  6. Bumpy air LOL! I believe in that whole-heartedly:p And I have a knack for #2 as well, especially when you are in a hurry. That or you go to a line that is short, but there is some sort of problem with the person at the register and it sloooowwwws things down.

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  9. Thanks for the laughter. I needed it today. Dearlilyjune shared your link and I had to visit. I’ve done #4, too, on more than one occasion. But if you think burning hair stinks, you should smell a burnt fingernail. Yep. Back when I was much younger and smoking was still allowed at work (I haven’t smoked at al in 11 1/2 years now), I was talking on the phone and stubbed out a cigarette in my ashtray. I wondered where that awful smell was coming from suddendly, but I didn’t realize I had burned a half-moon into my thumbnail until I scratched my face when brushing my hair back.

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    • You are welcome for the laughter and so glad you visited my site!! OUCH on the fingernail, I can imagine that smell! Did you try to cover up the smell with lots of nail polish, LOL! Congrats on kicking the smoking habit!

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      • No nail polish, but a quickly disconnected phone call, a pair of nail clippers and a nail file. Fortunately, it was a cavernous space so the smell dissipated fairly quickly. If nothing else good comes from starting my blog, I count my blessings that I found yours.

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    • Glad you were able to get rid of the smell fairly quickly! Did the person on the other end of the phone know what happened? πŸ™‚ And your last comment warmed my heart! So sweet! Thanks!! I wish you the best with your blog and look forward to reading it! Have a great day!


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