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So I had my title at 7am this morning, BUT…..that is all I had until now at 6:30pm, LOL! Apparently my brain was tired today. I am fighting a sore throat and just not feeling 100% so that could be part of it. I am asking for all of you to help me with my post 🙂 Yup you get to write it this time! My nephew gets married this Saturday, what advice do you have to give him and his wonderful new bride? If I get more than 10 responses that is fine! They can be serious or funny, just make sure to write one and you don’t have to be married to have advice to share. Singles have some great wisdom out there! So give it a whirl! Can’t wait to read them! 🙂


18 thoughts on “Top !0 things!

  1. Patiently communicate with each other and a huge part of that is LISTENING, really LISTENING. In other words, when they are talking stop thinking about what you want to tell them or what your response will be and instead pay attention to what they have to say.
    Congrats for your nephew:) Hope you all have a great time on Saturday!


  2. My piece of advice to your nephew and his bride: you will always have to work on your relationship to make it true and relevant as you grow older and circumstances change. Always! Never take things for granted…
    Hope we get to see some pics of the ceremony 🙂

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  3. After going through a blindsided divorce and a nasty custody battle last year not sure what advice I have to offer, but as a guy I would tell him no matter how much you love somebody never let your guard down.


  4. Hope you feel better soon! Rest, take it easy, find healthy ways to nurture yourself, and don’t stress about things left undone because the world won’t fall apart if they get done later! (That’s good advice for overwhelmed newlyweds too!)

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    • Aww thanks! I had trouble commenting on your post the other day for some reason but I thought it was LOVELY!! Yes that is very good advice for newlyweds. I know the bride to be was feeling overwhelmed for she just finished up college this May double major and they bought a house that needs lots of work done on it. My sister and niece took her out to pamper her this past Saturday. That helped a lot 🙂


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