Weekly Photo Challenge, “Today was a Good day!”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”Cell 1883They are ready to start our good day! When we go visit my husband’s family in the summer we usually save one day to go exploring on a hiking trail. Good weather, great company and great trails, what more could you ask for?Cell 1562Up the steps we go and of course a great place to pose for a picture.Cell 1886Now it is time for a short rest!Cell 1887Sounds good to me and my hubby to sit awhile.At least long enough to snap a picture 🙂Cell 1881Back to hitting the trails!Cell 1895What does my lovely niece see??Cell 1892Apparently she is just in awe of her wonderful Uncle Brad 🙂Cell 1893His sister is obviously not as awestruck 🙂Cell 1888A nice sight to see as we are hiking along! Yes, enjoying the great outdoors while getting exercise and chatting and laughing with those you love makes a Great recipe for a GOOD DAY for ME!Cell 1894

One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge, “Today was a Good day!”

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