How did you wake up?

I woke up this morning rubbing my hands together, how did you wake up? Why was I doing that? No, it is not a common occurrence 🙂 I was waking from a dream of where someone had put glue in the soap dispenser and I had dispensed a huge glob of it on my hands. Couldn’t figure out why the soap wasn’t rubbing in and getting so sticky. When it dawned on me what had happened and I was going to go yell at the conniving prankster, I woke up! Dreams always end before they are supposed to! LOL! BUT I was glad to wake up to that dream instead of the one before where I was right next to a big black bear that had turned into a wolf! Never stood so still in my life with fright! OH YES the beauty of dreams, you never know what to expect, especially with mine it seems!

Here is hoping to a GREAT DAY for all of you! I hope no Big Bad Bears or Wolves come to scare you today but if so, just stand very still and they will disappear 🙂 And as you go about your day make sure to check the soap dispensers before you get yourself in a sticky situation 🙂

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