The 1st day!

Good Morning! School has started! Summer is over, even tho the temps say its not! A new school year is upon us, whether we want it or not, and I say where did the summer go?

My daughter enters 10th grade with a broken hand, messed up knee and sprained ankle. Was not exactly how she dreamt the first day would be and was nervous about getting bumped in the hallways and having to deal with stairs in her crowded school. Praying things will go smoothly.

My youngest starts 8th grade today, she is nervous for she has harder classes this year. She is very bright and the teachers have seen that andΒ  are putting her in accelerated classes. I have all the confidence that she can do it and praying she has that same confidence in herself and doesn’t stress over it.

As the days grew closer to school, one thing that was similar between both my girls is the questions of the unknown. Will I have lunch with my friends? Will this class be too hard, and many more. How much easier would it be if all the answers could have been in front of them, and aren’t we like that to an extent. What will this day hold? Will this problem be resolved in the time I want it to be? It is easy to think that if we had all the answers, life would be a breeze, BUT that is only if we got the answers we wanted!

What if my daughter knew that no friends would be with her at lunch and my other daughter knew that the class would be too hard? What if you knew that your problem wasn’t going to be resolved?Β  We would end up feeling so much worse! So no matter how we don’t like unanswered questions I think they have their place. We have to determine not to be bogged down by the unknown, and do the best we can. Cherish each moment, try not to sweat the small stuff and take a day at a time! HAVE a AWESOME DAY My FRIENDS and I promise I will try not to watch the clock, waiting in nervous expectation for my girls to get home from their first day of school. I will try to stop the questions going off in my head about What If’s and live today for today.

6 thoughts on “The 1st day!

  1. Such great advice C! First day of school always gave me a pit of excitement and nervousness in my stomach. I swear I can still feel it to this day. I have to say – I don’t believe you aren’t watching that clock! hehe! And that’s ok. Happy First Day back to school day!

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    • Haha! Yes you are right Jodi πŸ™‚ But glad to know there is another Mom out there that had that nervous ,excited feeling in her stomach. One thing I do like is I can count on the fact that I will hear a earful when from the kids when they get home. The other days it can be one word answers, know what I mean πŸ™‚


  2. Haha. It is Wonderful to see you back, i honestly missed your posts. The first day i went to my internship, turns out my mu. Couldnt eat. We always had breakfast together, so she felt totally off being alone. Haha, this post reminds me of home πŸ˜„


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