What does Freedom mean to you?

Today we are celebrating Independence Day and the Freedom we have by living in America. I am very thankful for America and for all who helped form it and make it what it is. Are there things I am not so happy about with the USA, yes there is.  BUT today is not the day to focus on that! Today is a day for appreciation of the hard work and sacrifices that were made for our Country.

My mind keeps going in another direction today too. It  has to do with Freedom, but a different kind of freedom. The freedom that is yours when you overcome a obstacle. The freedom that comes little by little as you climb that mountain.Freedom that comes from opening your heart and freely embracing the love of others around you and learning to love yourself!

My heart goes out today to those who may not have fought for our Country but who are fighting their own battles inside of them. For those who are longing for freedom from the bondage their pain holds them in

Let Freedom Ring! Hang in there to any of you fighting inner battles! Keep fighting, your Independence Day is coming!!

4 thoughts on “What does Freedom mean to you?

  1. Freedom. It reminds me of the saying that it is never free. So, whether it is a member of our armed forces serving our Country so we can be free or an individual working to overcome obstacles in their day to day life it involves hard work and sacrifice. Thank you for making us think long and hard about on this special weekend. 🙂


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