Until the Curtain Falls…..

The play is on, it is going and not sure how many acts are in it before the curtain falls. The play has started, it was a 1,2,3..ready or not, you are on! Dress rehearsals did not happen. No time to get yourself prepared, to figure out exactly how you would play this part that was given to you. A part that you never even tried out for, somehow you just were chosen. You weren’t even aware that a play was set to happen. Definitely not aware that you would be playing a major role.

You are on the stage and acting, tho sometimes you wonder if its really you. Is this really the role you are playing? Why didn’t you get a chance to look at the script first? OH that is right, there is no script. There is no script, and no one knows when the curtain will fall.

One thing for certain is the guests at the play. They are filling unexpected roles also. They are witnessing a play that took them by surprise as well. But they are doing their part in lending their support to the actors. They are dedicated and know that this play is a very important one. They know that no matter what, they won’t leave their seats empty. Staying til the curtain falls is their only option. For see, they are also part of the play. Sometimes they are right there on the stage in the midst of the actors offering their support, urging them on when they feel they can’t continue to act. Other times they may be a little more distant and not be able to be right beside the actors. They fill the audience and its OK, the actors feel their presence.

And they will remain there cause they are faithful like that. But inside they are hoping that the next play can more closely resemble a lively, good hearted comedy instead of a Greek Tragedy.

5 thoughts on “Until the Curtain Falls…..

  1. My thoughts too Jodi. I’m in the audience joyroses, supporting you. I haven’t left. I’m the one hanging on the edge of my seat and praying for a joyful ending. I should let you know this more often, but you are in my thoughts so much.


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