The Magical Snow….Part 1 and 2

The forecast was calling for snow and she wanted to beat the storm, she  thought she  would run her quick errand now. It would be done in about 2 hours,  and she could go home,  put on her comfy clothes and relax with her family for the rest of the night. Driving on back country roads was relaxing in a way. She flew down the hills and up them again. But wait what was that, a snowflake coming down?? Wasn’t supposed to start yet! She hated driving in snow and was contemplating whether she should turn around. It started snowing harder and faster and she contemplated no longer as she turned around.Errand can wait for another day.  This was getting crazy! It was almost a complete white out and she was going at a snail’s pace! She heard her cell phone ringing in the seat beside her and figured it was her husband calling to check on her. Letting it ring she figured she would call him once she could safely pull over. The snow was piling up fast, like cottony clouds and mounds of marshmallows just falling in front of her. Oh how she wished she was home already. OH NO, she missed her road!

The snow was falling so fast she couldn’t see to turn off,now she would  have to turn around but there was no spot to do it. Instead she was just heading deeper and deeper into the mounting snow and it was getting darker by the minute. WOW! She couldn’t even tell if she was on the road anymore, felt like she was in a sled just sliding through the snow. Praying continuously as she kept sliding along she  finally  hit some bare pavement! Shocking, for the snow was still falling all around, but at least the road was clear. The question was, Where on earth was she?? There were hoards of people on either side of her standing around. She guessed they were stranded due to the weather, but where were their cars and why were they standing around?  Wasn’t it freezing? She left her car by the side of the road and got out to check what was going on.

Amazingly it was warm! This was strange, but was about to get stranger. She grabbed her phone wanting to call her husband, who she was sure was extremely worried by now and she knew her parents would be. Looking down at the phone to dial she was perplexed, what had happened to her phone?? The icon to dial a number was gone, along with the dial pad. She couldn’t even send a text. Instead there was a weird symbol in its place, and when she pushed it nothing happened. A lot of people were murmuring around her, having the same problem. As she gazed around she noticed a tent set up that people had gathered under to try and get some answers. No one knew where they were. They just had made a wrong turn and ended up here. A lady who appeared to be in charge was smiling and being nice but not giving many answers.

Approaching the lady she asked if there was a phone she could use to call home for her cell phone wasn’t working.It didn’t seem she had been on the road that long, but according to her watch 5 hours had passed!! They had to be frantic back home. The lady kindly showed her the phone that was on the wall. She went to use it, but stopped as she tried to dial the number. The number 9 was missing! How could she dial her number if the 9 was missing?? Oh there it was down below, totally out of order. Shouldn’t surprise her tho, for the phone wasn’t a normal phone. She was dialing a pad on the wall and picking up receiver. She dialed waiting for someone to pick up, but the phone never rang, it was like the call wasn’t going through. Frustrated she hung up. People were talking about how they were going to be putting people in planes to fly them out to safety. Well wait a minute, she sure didn’t need to go on a plane! She didn’t travel that far from home! A man close by looked at her strangely and said, “Your ear has a red mark behind it.” He called someone over to look at it. They both appeared to be sympathetic and she didn’t understand. “Don’t you get it?”, they said. ” YOU may not be able to go home!” She may have been concerned when it started snowing and she couldn’t see to drive. May have grown anxious as the snow fell harder and as she missed her road. But now, NOW, she was truly beginning to worry! What was going on??? SnowDragon

This was getting more bizarre by the second. What do they mean about a mark behind her ear, why was everyone being so sympathetic? Telling her that she couldn’t go home; she never heard of anything so ridiculous! What was she, a hostage?? She had had enough, she was going to get her car and plow through the snow, no matter how deep!

Wait a minute! Where was her car?? She was at the exact place it had been, she knew it. Chills ran down her spine as she realized that there were no cars in sight and she remembered that she had not seen any cars when she first arrived. What was she going to do was the question pounding in her head. Pounding so hard she felt a immense migraine coming on!

Hanging her head, she let the hot tears of exhaustion and worry cascade down her face as she sat in the place where her car should have been. Where her way home should have been! When she at last raised her head it was getting dark, apparently she had sat there for awhile crying. Now even more than the question of how to get home, was the question of where was she going to sleep and find shelter?

Looking around she saw others heading to a tent that had seemed to appear out of nowhere. Being curious she headed that way. Once inside she saw cots and realized that would be her place for tonight. She didn’t even think to question anything anymore and just fell onto a cot physically and mentally exhausted. But just as she was beginning to drift off to dreamland, she felt a tap on her shoulder. “Ma’am, you need to get up and come with me,” Everything in her wanted to argue and resist, but she didn’t have the energy, plus he had a uniform.

Silently she followed the man out of the tent. When they got a little distance from the tent, he said, “I need to speak to you.” All she could hope for is that she would at last get some answers!

“You have been chosen for a special assignment, I know you are very confused now but you will have to trust me!”

Trust HIM! How was she supposed to do that? Special assignment?? She just wanted to go home! He was continuing to talk as her mind was racing along with her heart. Apparently she was specially picked because of her fighting spirit, her determination and her strength. There was a helicopter coming soon to take her to where her mission would begin.

At last she seemed to find her words,  “WAIT! Don’t I have a say as to whether I go on this mission or go home?”

His words pierced her heart, “The only way you can go home is if you go on this mission!”

“How long will it take?”, she asked.

His response was cryptic, It would mostly be up to her how long, but she couldn’t go home until the mission was completed!

Feeling overwhelmed she could feel the waterfall of tears ready to start again. Sensing how she felt the man gently put his arm on her shoulder and let her to another smaller but private tent. Her mouth opened wide as she she could only stare. This wasn’t a tent, this was like she had walked into a elegant bedroom. How???

 She felt the beautiful  covers and they were real, she sank into the soft as a cloud mattress; and  before she could continue wondering  about how this all happened sleep overtook her.


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