My Love Letter

13 years ago I felt the first kicks of life inside of me, it felt like a butterfly flitting around inside me. Maybe that is why you fell in love with butterflies ๐Ÿ™‚ I fell in love with you from the very first moment that I knew you were in my stomach. I prayed for you and I dreamed about who you would be. What would you be like?ย  I had no doubt that to me, you would be the best daughter ever! Perfect, no… how could you be perfect coming from imperfect parents. But perfect for us, YES!ย  Andย  you know what, I was right!! Probably the most right I been about anything in my life!

You brought so much laughter as you grew! OH the things you would say and do! You had a fighting spirit at the young age of 2 and strong will that at times I had wished would be a little weaker. More easier for Mom and Dad! A affectionate spirit, knowing when I needed a hug.ย  You had a love for animals and the land that went beyond your age. Is it a wonder that we found out your name meant land?? WE had chosen your name cause your Grammy suggested it and we liked it, but oh it fit you so well! A love for space and land is what you had. “Don’t Fence Me In”, could have been your song; tho itย  was way before your time! A home in the country is what you desired.

Oh my precious girl, how fast time flies! You kept growing and amazing us with a talent for any sport you tried and excelling in school! Your mind was ALWAYS thinking and what it would come up with would sometimes amaze us. Your comprehension exceeded your age and my dear you taught us things.

The love that is in my heart is ever growing and at times feels like it will burst. When you shed those first tears of heartbreak at a young age, my heart broke. I had a glimpse of what a journey this would be. How as you grew a band-aid and kiss would not be enough to take away the boo-boos of your life. I prayed I would have the strength to get through those times when they came.

A time has come that has tested my strength greatly, but my dear I will always be here for you! And now I am thankful for your strong will. For your persistence, the time when you steadily worked 3 hours trying to excavate dinosaur bones from a kit we got you at the age of 10. Your strong will and persistence gives you now the strength you need to get through this battle and get through it you will! My heart throbs with love for you and as one of my very favorite quotes says, “If I had to choose between loving you or breathing, I would say , “I Love you!” as I took my last breath!”

9 thoughts on “My Love Letter

  1. What a beautiful post from a beautiful mom. I could feel the love in every sentence. Oh sweet Momma – you both will get through this time and come out stronger and better for it. HUGS! And thanks for sharing your heart. โค

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    • Thanks so much for your constant encouragement my sweet friend!! The tears were on the cheeks as I wrote the words and I debated for a few seconds before hitting the publish button, but then just clicked it. For writing is about sharing your heart, doesn’t mean you have to share every detail of your life, but when something this big is going on in my life, it can’t help but ooze over into my writing. I am glad for the faithful readers that don’t mind. โค


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