Monday’s Snapshot Memories!

HI! Doing Monday’s Snapshot Memories a little different today. Didn’t have time to go through snapshots so I started thinking of the wonderful things that we picture in our minds that make us feel good! Hopefully you can envision them through my words and enjoy!

Come take a walk with me today. We will start by the pasture, can you smell the fresh hay?  Do you see the beautiful wildflowers poking up their heads and swaying in the wind?  Look to your right and you will see a newborn foal nuzzling her Mom. Come walk further down to the creek with me. See the little boy in the tire swing swinging from the Weeping Willow tree. He is laughing with glee as his Daddy pushes him high. His sister is wading in the creek trying to catch that tadpole that keeps darting away. Lets walk along the creek and see where it leads.

Oh don’t miss that bright blue butterfly that just flew by! Hear the bluebirds chirping in the trees, it looks like some eggs just hatched!

Now we are coming to a dirt road, see the dust blow in the air as you walk along. The looming Oak trees are making a nice shade covering as we walk.  Oh, up on that hill, do you see it? What a stunning house, the colors are so bright and unique. Do you think anyone is home? I want to take a closer look, come with me. Wow! Look at the intricate designs. If it looks this nice outside, I am dying to know what it looks like inside!! Should we knock, do you think they dare would let us in?? HMMMM……..this is strange, I see no door! Hurry, there has to be a door in the back! What, you see none in the back either??? What have we found? A house with an invisible door? What mystery abounds??

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