The Road Not Taken…

The Road not Taken was given to me as a subject for a challenge to do a free write about for 10 minutes…On your mark..timer set. GO…

This subject jumped out at me right away when I read it. Thinking what timing. I am on a Road right now that I don’t want to be on, that I would never have chosen to be on, but alas I am there. A road that I can’t turn back on, for its just 1 way. Have to keep moving forward even on the days that it feels like you can barely take 1 more step. A road that you are not sure where it is going to lead? To the shadows in a dark forest or to a pot of gold on the top of the mountain.

This road is paved with uncertainties but its one I have to take and there are little nuggets of gold along the way. Nuggets of unending family and friendship love that keeps you going. Nuggets of hope of things to come, of seeing what the end of the road may hold. Something bigger than what I can dream or imagine may be just around the bend, but in order to get to that bend you have to keep on going even when the way looks dark and you don’t understand. I can still feel the rays of the SUN shining down on my back as it urges me to plod along. It doesn’t care if I move slow sometimes and if I even stop and lay down to take a rest and draw some MUCH NEEDED WATER from the everflowing stream that runs by the road. The stream that gives me energy and strength to keep on going and helps me pass it on to the others who are walking down this one way road.

The Road Not Taken is the road of giving up. The road of saying NO< I AM NOT STRONG enough for this ! The road not taken is the road of putting a finality to dreams that still are left to dream and stars that are still watiing to be wished upon and caught. The Road not taken is giving in to what seems TOO BIG….And there goes the timer.

Thanks Kat for this challenge, sorry if I didn’t do it exactly as it said. There are plenty roads of adventure I would like to take BUT this is what my heart spoke this time.

Word count 381

9 thoughts on “The Road Not Taken…

  1. As often as I’ve thought about this idea (particularly the associated poem), I’ve never thought of it like this. I really appreciate your perspective and optimism even during what seems like a trying time. Sending lots of positive thoughts! πŸ™‚

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  2. The beauty of any writing challenge….well, maybe not all writing challenges but in this one I chose to interpret it that way…is that you can put your own spin on it. I love your interpretation. I really like that you incorporated your blog name into it, too.

    Thank you for participating!

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