Broken..Photo Challenge

BlogPic3Cell 1422In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Broken.”

The first thing that came to me when I heard “Broken” was a heart. Hearts can be broken in so many ways, BUT they can be healed! I chose the heart stone that my dear youngest daughter had chosen for me many years ago. I told the story in another post of how she was hunting and hunting for the right gemstone when we were at the gift shop. I was telling her to hurry, for we needed to go. Little did I know that she was picking the gemstone for me, not herself! Was so touched and it still lays on my dresser.

The next picture is my oldest daughter and her friend about 2 years ago. They met in 1st grade and their hearts were bonded instantly. Their hearts were broken when they had to separate, cause of the friend moving out of state. But their hearts have healed, as they have seen that they can still keep their friendship in spite of the distance. I am glad to say  that  even tho 7 years have passed with them being apart, they are still close in the heart. That is one special bond that will not be broken!

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