Monday’s Snapshot Memories!

HI! I know Monday is almost over, sorry this is late. I will admit that lately my mind has been dealing with many emotions. This is what brings me to this picture. This is The Arch of Triumph in Paris. To me its a wonderful symbol for those going through hard times. You will Triumph! Here is a little history about it.

Napoleon Bonaparte ordered it built in honor of the Grand Armee, (The French Army) It took 2 years to be fully completed. Napoleon wanted the soldiers to come home and be able to walk through the Arch in Triumph after conquering most of Europe. Inscribed inside the walls are the names of the brave men that fought and the names of the many battles.

Here is my interpretation which brings HOPE to my soul! We fight many battles here on earth, small ones and big ones. There are times we think we may not make it through, BUT….God has our names inscribed on HIS heart and He knows each battle we face! The cost of building the Arch of Triumph was 9.3 million French Francs which back then was a gigantic sum of money. But no amount of money can equal what Jesus did on the cross for us, so that we can march though the pearly gates of Triumph!



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