Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Today I want to share some quotes from one of my very favorite fiction authors! She does life-changing fiction! And it really does change lives! Her stories are so inspirational and you feel they are real! Never had fiction books speak to me the way hers does. She is Karen Kingsbury and the Baxter Family Series is AWESOME! Now she is doing a Angels Walking series which is great to. Try a book of hers, you won’t be disappointed!

“The stars overhead had nothing on the sparkle in her eyes!”  ( When was a time that your eyes sparkled?)

“You have one chance to write the story of your life, Make it a BestSeller!” ( what would the title be if you wrote a actual book of your life?)

“A chance is a choice with wings!” (what do you want to take a chance on today?)

It may be winter, but you can decide your own weather today!” ( a nice outlook on those dreary, winter days!)

“It was time to paint the sky, time to frame the moment!” (I love that paint the sky line!)

“I’m glad I can talk to you about fictional characters as if they were real and have you still think I am sane” ( Her people really do come alive in her books and I will explain my tears to my hubby as I am reading. He is like, you are reading fiction right?? Well yeah….BUT! LOL!)

The real reason Cinderella had to be home by midnight…to finish a Karen Kingsbury book!” 🙂 🙂

Go enjoy your day and try to find some time today to read, even if its not a Karen Kingsbury book. There are many great books out there 🙂 Too many books, too little time!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. always love your Tuesday thoughts, JR! Good ones today – I love that a chance is a choice with wings and painting the sky and framing the moment! awesome!


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