The Tale of the Car and the Mud

 The little car was making herself rust from her tears. She just didn’t understand, nothing made sense. She had had such big dreams, she  saw herself speeding down the raceway and taking the grand trophy!  Being ooohed and ahhed over by a girl who got her  as her first car. Someone that would polish her  every day, make her  shine. That she  would always have a sparkle to her  coat for her joy would always be overflowing! That is how things started at least. She was shiny and felt new and full of life. Felt full of promise of great things to come! But over time her  bright colors began to fade. If her  gas tank would have run on tears instead of gas, she  would have always been running over with gas. What had happened?? Her  bright lights went out and it was time for her  to sleep, but she  felt sleep wouldn’t come tonight.

As she thought back, she  remembered the  one time she was traveling down a dirt road that she had never been down before!.  Mud puddles were  splashing up and running down her.  You could see that her  eyes didn’t shine quite as bright.  Another car came driving down beside her  and was honking at her  to stop tho she  knew not why. She  stopped and they looked at each other and she  noticed it. She had mud in her eyes too! They both helped wash the mud out of each others eyes and they became connected. Sometimes she would be the one on the muddy road and sometimes it would be her, but they were dedicated to helping to keep each other from having the mud take over!

Now once again she was on a dirt road that she had never traveled before, and she was scared as the mud puddles kept splashing up hitting her again. And once again her friend was there! Not only her friend that had been there long ago, but other ones she had made along the way too! Others who had traversed down the bumpy and muddy roads with her.  At that thought she had to smile, for as she thought of the ones she held so dear and knew she was blessed! They didn’t only share bumpy, mud splattered roads. They shared the smooth, happy roads to. The roads that made you feel like you were just cruising to the Bahamas. Maybe at this point it appeared that more rust than normal was showing and maybe there were more  cracks in her, but she wasn’t going to give up. She had  heard that the cracks is where the true light shines through and she wanted to keep that shine that mud can’t splatter away!

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