The Invisible Door

This was one of my very first pieces I blogged and felt the urge to post it again , hope you don’t mind and I know I have a lot of new readers now that I hope will enjoy it. Since I posted this I added to it in a story called The Search. It is in 5 parts. If you want to do a search for it, you are welcome to 🙂

Nuggets of Gold

White picket fences, beautiful flowers, and crystal clear windows.  The homes look beautiful from the outside, but one thing is missing from the inside.  The people can’t see the door, to them it is invisible.  Fear is what hides the door!

They can’t find their way out to inhale the aroma of the lovely flowers or hear the sweet music of the songbirds perched in the swaying green trees.  They can’t find their way to the deep blue ocean where the waves look like they go on forever.  Feel the peacefulness of the sound of the waves and the seagulls merged together.  The woods beckon them to come relax in their shade trees and stroll the paths strewn with wildflowers.  The doves line the path waiting to be held and stroked. They want to pass on peace to the holder.

Hope and joy is calling but unfortunately the ears are…

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