The Power of the Sun

The sun peeked through the clouds shining brightly and the clouds were mad. They wanted to keep the sun hidden. They had tried their best. Made storms come. Some just a lot of rain, but some were major thunder and lightning, and they even sent hurricanes and tornadoes at times. No matter what mess they created, the sun insisted on showing its face again! It almost seemed that the stronger the storm, the stronger the sun would burst through. Was there anything that could stop it? They were beginning to think not. Thinking that nothing could keep the sun hidden. Could it be? Could it be that the sun was more powerful than the clouds. That light can overcome the darkness?

Bethany the Bunny was trembling with fright as she ran to her burrow, trying to escape the loud thunder and crackling lightning. Safe in her burrow she turned to her Mommy and said, “I am so afraid!” . Her Mommy took her in her arms and said, ” Don’t fear little one, this storm will pass and the sun will come out again.” As her trembling started to calm down she stammered, “But, but, h-h-how do you know the storm will pass. It’s so dark and the thunder so loud.”  Mommy snuggled her closer and said, “I know because I believe in the Sun. I believe in its power to break through even the worst storm. ”  “See my sweet Bethany, the sun really is always there. The clouds can make it hard to see, but it doesn’t mean the sun has left. ”  That thought soothed Bethany and she soon fell asleep to the now gentle sound of the pitter patter of the rain.

The next morning Bethany stretched and rubbed her eyes. What was that noise? It was silence, that’s what it was! The rain was falling no longer or the thunder rolling. She hopped quickly out of her burrow and saw her Mommy sitting in the grass and looking at the sky. She ran over to her and started to ask what she was looking at, when she noticed it herself. WOW! What a sight! It was beautiful! So many different colors! “Mommy, what is that?” Her Mom turned a bright smile towards her, as she said, “That my precious Bethany is a rainbow, the promise that the SUN will always shine again!”

4 thoughts on “The Power of the Sun

    • LOL! I laughed when I read it for I knew you didn’t mean it that way. I was gonna say, well gee thanks for telling me it gets old! Haha 🙂 Computers should automatically read our minds and just type the right words, right!! 🙂

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