Weekly Photo Challenge – Early Sunrise

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA  As I have mentioned before, I am NOT a morning person, so getting a picture of a sunrise is not in my collection. Now, I have woken up early enough to see a sunrise at times and stare at it in awe, BUT…I am not thinking to grab my camera. I am thinking it is so pretty, but I wish I was in bed 🙂 Actually there have been mornings that it has helped wake me with a smile.

This picture of the sun creeping up behind the church bell was the view from our window when we were in Italy. Send me to another country and I will love to get up early, don’t want to miss a minute of seeing the views 🙂 Then again, this is the only picture I have from our vacation abroad of a sun rise, sooo….guess I still wasn’t up at the crack of dawn. But hey the hour was late when we went to bed each night and I still was up by 6:30 each morning which is early!

Have a Relaxing Sunday everyone! May the SUN RISE in your heart today making you feel happy!

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