When your heart is in your throat!

That moment of fear! When the goosebumps come and you can barely breathe or speak. Do you know what I am talking about? Your heart is pounding in your ears. I remember awhile back reading of the challenge to write about a time in your life when fear struck, so here is my tale.

It was a dark and wintery night. That is how all scary tales begin, right? πŸ™‚ It really was a dark, December night tho. I had graduated from HS that summer and was working at a Yummy Fast Food restaurant with my great friend. She was spending the night for we had to be up bright and early the next day for Breakfast with Santa at our restaurant. No, we weren’t going to see Santa and get goodies, we were in charge of having enough food to serve to all the good little boys and girls and their parents!

My parents were out of town that week-end so we had the house to ourselves and like normal teens had the music loud and were dancing around feeling carefree. My room was on the 2nd floor and we were in there with the door closed. Well suddenly amidst our dancing and over our loud music we heard BANG!! We froze and looked at each other with sheer fright! The BANG was on our bedroom door! It opened!! My friend screamed and hid behind the door, apparently havign faith that I would be able to fight off the intruder with my brute strength!Β  Well I fell on the bed seeing a 6 foot man in my room! It was all over, my young life was about to end, I just knew it…but WAIT…I knew that man!! Yes my friends you can breathe again, I did. I started to slowly breathe as I glared at my dear Brother-in-law, who I am pretty sure was chuckling inside. He said how he wanted to make sure we were OK! Umm….we HAD BEEN OK, before he interrupted our fun!Β  I was like, you couldn’t have called?? OOPS! It turned out that my parents had called and we hadn’t answered the phone and so they called my sister, who had called and we hadn’t answered the phone. Did I mention our music was loud and we were upstairs πŸ˜‰ My caring sister of course told her husband that he had to check on us. So on a dark, cold, snowy, night my SWEET brother-in-law made the trip to come check on us. We didn’t live far, but we weren’t just right down the street either. He knocked on our front door and rang the bell, no answer. He had a key so he walked in. When he heard our music from upstairs, he figured out what the problem was so decided he would have fun at our expense!

He left pretty quickly as we lay hyperventilating on the bed. My friend said how she had seen her short life pass before her eyes too! It did take awhile for the beating of our hearts to slow down and to be able to go to sleep without nightmares of a 6 foot man barging into our room. But when the sandman finally overtook us we slept well. Slept a little too well. Woke up with the sun blaring full force into our room. Stared at our alarm clock! OOPS! Were we supposed to have set that thing??? Now we were in fear of another man, our BOSS! Saying we got ready quickly is an understatement. Made it to work and YES, our boos was not too happy, BUT…he was truly a GREAT Boss and how can you be grumpy when you are getting ready for Santa and your 2Β  charming elves are working very feverishly to prepare for it πŸ™‚ All turned out well. But to this day, 25 years later; my friend and I still remember that dark,winter’s night,Β  and are glad that now we can laugh about it!

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