What was I thinking??

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Let’s Go Crazy.” It is suggested that we write a post about something we did on impulse, something crazy! A couple of things come to mind, but I will only share one 🙂 This goes back to when I was young and naive, LOL! I was a 10th grader

It was a nice Spring evening at our high school dorm. I dormed during the week and went home on the week-ends. LOVED IT! Like college life in HS almost 🙂 One night I happened to be by the pay phone in the hall when it rang. Yes, I know I am going way back in time now, when we used to have those strange things called pay phones!! Remember how the operator would say, “Please deposit .25cents and you would keep talking cause you didn’t have .25cents and she would say it again a little firmer and than CLICK! The phone would ring again and you would pick it up and hear, “Please deposit .25 cents!” Anyway back to my story, sorry for the detour.

On the other end of the ringing phone was a guy and he just started talking to me and me being friendly I  talked back with him. Hung up, thought no more about it. Next day he called again and asked for me by name. Chatted a little and he asked if we could meet at Friendly’s the next night. Friendly’s was a close restaurant that you could walk to easily from the dorm. Not sure what was on my mind that night, but I said Yes and we set a time. I of course ran and told my friends what I did and I fortunately had wise friends, tho not extremely wise, or they would have told me not to go. Ha! But they did say, “Well you sure aren’t going alone!”

The night came and I was second guessing myself, but figured I had to go through with it and yes I was curious as to who this guy was behind the voice on the phone. I wasn’t worried, for I had my group of 4 friends with me. They walked with me there and once we got there, we acted like we didn’t know each other. The “blind date” was sitting there when I walked in. As soon as I saw him I almost ran out the door! But we let the waitress seat us and my friends sat in the booth right behind us.

To start off he was NOT the age he said he was. HMMMM… sounds like what happens online today, right? Truly is scary! I questioned him about his age right away and he tried to lie, but really was a bad liar. I asked to see his driver’s license and he said he didn’t have it with him. That he kept it in the trunk of his car if I wanted to see it.  YES, he did say that! And yes my friends almost spit their drinks out when they heard. My mind was racing wondering  how do I get out of this. I can’t remember all the conversation, just know it went from bad to worse. He asked me if I would get in the car with him to go see his Mom. UMM…NOPE!!  It was hard to concentrate hearing the laughter of my friends. I think he was beginning to suspect that we knew each other. Then he asked if I would like to go to the Big Apple with him that night! I was like, you mean New York City! He said, Yes! I think that is when my friends started coughing really loud and I got my hair pulled hard from behind. . I told him that I am sorry but I really had to go and nope was not interested in NYC and really didn’t want to see him again!! He sat in silence for a little and then asked if I knew of anyone else that would be interested.  I really do remember considering throwing my glass of ice water at him.

Off I walked well maybe more like a run to the bathroom.  My friends were  close behind me. We were freaking out in the bathroom and I was ever so glad that they had come with me. We left the bathroom chatting away, figured we had stayed in there long enough for him to pay the check and leave. You know how long girls can stand and chat in the bathroom 🙂 Imagine our shock when we went to walk out the front door and noticed him sitting in his car!! YIKES! We went back in the restaurant wondering what we should do. For even tho there was a group of us, we did not trust walking out there now. We told the manager and they said they would call the police if he didn’t soon leave.

Very happy to say that he did leave and I never heard from him again and YES that was my absolute LAST blind date!!

My friends and I did laugh about it later on, but underneath our laugh we did realize how serious it could have been. I am pretty sure that none of them ever went on blind dates either after that. I am very thankful that God was watching over me that night. That He still takes care of us, even when we do CRAZY things!

6 thoughts on “What was I thinking??

  1. Omg, the pay phone guy! Lol. That sounds like a scary but memorable experience and it does remind me of a lot of the guys one can meet online on certain dating sites. It also reminds me even more of the strange kind of guys that can try to pick a girl up in the bar! Good thing for good friends!

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    • Yes a BIG YAY for good friends 🙂 It is funny since writing it, more has come back to me. I remember him telling me how his Mom really wants him to find someone. That is why he wanted to introduce me to her! Yup, scary and funny and definitely memorable. I think he was really just a desperate kind of guy!

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  2. I told them sometime after I graduated 🙂 and if they forgot, they will see it again now 🙂 The dorm really was a safe place to be, BUT… you know young people, they can find trouble where ever they are!


  3. Hahahaha, Oh My God!!! That must have been one heck of a night :D. Who uses the “mom” line on a first date?! Haha, this is one of those times I say Thank God for good decision making. On the plus side, it makes for an amazing story 😉

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