The Race

It was a hot day. The sun was beating down, she had just sat down, but sweat was already running down her face. That’s OK, today was a day she had been waiting for and she wouldn’t miss it for anything. Lord knew that that discomfort in being hot didn’t compare at all to the ache that her heart had held for so long. The sweat coming down her face, was much better than the tears that had coursed down her face and in her soul for a long time prior to this day.

“On your mark, get set, GO!” The whistle blew and they were of! They were flying by, each one hoping to reach the finish line first. She was on her feet with her husband yelling her daughter’s name til she was hoarse. Her daughter was passing each runner one by one. Soon only 2 were left for her to pass. OH her throat was choked up, her heart was pounding, could she do it? Was she going to pass them?

She did it, she passed them! The finish line was in sight and the Mom was dragging the husband down to the finish line as she continued to scream her daughter’s name. OH NO! She stumbled, she fell, the other runner was gaining on her.  The Mom and Dad couldn’t speak, it was like the air was being sucked out of their lungs. Wait, what was that,she was getting up! She was off and running again full speed ahead. Mom found her voice as tears streamed down her cheeks, for she knew it was gong to happen. YES, the crowd went wild! She heard the applause and cries of all her friends gathered to watch her daughter race. She heard it and she saw her daughter cross the finish line and now all she could think of was embracing her in a big hug. Whoa! Her daughter almost knocked her off her feet as she ran into her arms. They hugged tightly as sweat and tears mingled together.

At last they drew back and looked into each others eyes; silently reading what the other was thinking. This was quite a race she had won, but it wasn’t the biggest one. She worked hard in getting ready for this race, but she had  worked even harder in the previous race. The previous race wasn’t publicized, it didn’t draw crowds. Only people close to her knew about it, BUT….it had been one of the most important races of her life. The prize for that race was that she survived, she survived through the pain and the tears and she fought harder than she ever had. She won today’s race because she had won the other race and her Mom couldn’t be prouder of her! Once  more they embraced, and her daughter got a smile as she said, “See Mom, I told you it would be OK! That everything would be OK!”  Her Mom laughed thinking back to what her daughter had  always said as a toddler. She took her hand as they raised their hands together in the air. Yes, it would!  It would be OK! Her daughter was a fighter and she would continue to fight whatever came her way!


7 thoughts on “The Race

  1. It’s an excellent story even though I knew there was a reason the Mom was so excited about this race. For the daughter the last race was harder and I was thinking that we all have races of our own that are tougher then a real race, which means great endurance is required. It reminded me of my confirmation verse from 1 Timothy ” I have finished the race; I have kept the faith.” That must have been one angle you were going at.

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