For those tears…

This is written not with anyone in particular in mind, its written more for all the hurting souls that I know are out there. Silent in their pain. As I said before I want my blog to bring hope to others and that is what this post is for. Trying to spread the deep hope that lies in my soul.

“HOSANNA, HOSANNA!” was the roar of the crowd. He was treated like royalty as he rode down the street!

“We want you as our KING!” , they shouted, as the palm branches were waved

HEY BEAUTIFUL, YOU Bring Sunshine to my heart with your gorgeous eyes and flowing hair!” They threw roses at her, as she walked down the halls. She turned the eyes of every guy!

Everywhere crowds followed HIM, hanging on HIS every word and shouting praises to HIM for all HE did and was.Calling HIM their KING!

“YOU are the PERFECT 10!” , they cried. A model for sure. Crowds followed her, adoring her with their praise and she was crowned their Homecoming Queen!

Within a week the HOSANNAS turned into jeers and sneers. There were no palm branches being waved in the air, instead they were gathering thorns to make a crown for the one they wanted to be King.

Snickers were heard, soon turning into outright laughter as she walked down the hall filled with devastating shame.

“Crucify him!”, they cried. He was nailed to the cross and died.

They didn’t see how their laughter cut like a knife crucifying herΒ  soul. They didn’t know their words put invisible nails in her heart.

They couldn’t keep him down, The morning HE rose shined brighter than ever! Death had been crucified and LIFE had WON!

No one saw her in the darkness of her room, she was huddled under her blankets shaking like a leaf. Sobs wracked her body. Her body that was filled with pain.

I am not sure about you God, I don’t know what I believe, but I need something; I am dying in my shame!”

“My precious, precious child!” She heard the calming words in the dark, felt a stirring peace in her soul.

Let me hold you tight and wipe those tears of yours; For it was for those tears I died!”

19 thoughts on “For those tears…

  1. You are PRECIOUS Carolyn! Your heart is PURE and your Soul is GOLD! Many need to know, they are not alone. Hard to fathom at times, but OH so TRUE!
    Beautiful comparison of Jesus’s journey to one on this earth!


    • OH Joanne thank you so much for your kind words! You are precious too!!! Appreciate your prayers and all you post on our site. Thanks for reading, am glad it touched you! Have a Blessed Easter dear sister in Christ πŸ™‚


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