The Tale of 2 Brothers

totem poleSunday’s Photo Fiction time, tho I am a day behind!  Thanks to Joe Owens, the host of Sunday’s Photo Fiction, for this picture. See how creative you can be and join Sunday’s Photo Fiction!!

The Tale of 2 Brothers

“We should have listened to Mom.”

“I know, but its a little late now!”

“It was your fault, you know!”

“NO, it wasn’t! It was your idea!”

“YES, but you didn’t stop me! You didn’t put your foot down and keep me from doing it! You are the older brother, so you should have been the example!”

“I can’t help that  you are as stubborn as a mule!”

“ME! LOOK at yourself! I learned how to be stubborn from you!”

“Well it doesn’t really matter who is at fault now, does it? We are in the same boat now!”

“I will wish forever that we had only listened to Mom’s wise words, I thought she was only joking!”

“Don’t ever tell lies, for if you do, you will turn to wood!” and “Keep making faces and your face will freeze like that!”

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