7 Fun Facts you always wanted to know…Ok, maybe not always :)

Happy Saturday everyone! Its a relaxing morning here, so gonna take advantage of it and do a challenge that was passed on to me by my  sweet friend Ameena. . If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you need to, her poetry and stories will tug on your heartstrings!  It’s RandomsbyaRandom

1. I love Peeps 🙂 Yes,the first 3 ingredients is sugar, sugar and sugar, BUT they are yummy! Did you know that back in the 1950’s they actually made Peeps with wings! Also if you don’t like peeps you are in the minority, for it’s the most popular non-chocolate candy around! My husband will join those of you in the minority 🙂

2. Back when I was around the age of  10  I won grand prize for a essay. I wrote about why my Dad was Number 1  for a Father’s Day contest. I won a gift certificate to Kmart, a store that is dying out now.  My Dad got a very nice gold watch with diamonds in it that he still has.

3. When I took my driver’s test, I was told to come back with a cushion, so that I could better see over the steering wheel 🙂 Yes,  I am short. 4’10and1/2! No, I no longer sit on a cushion to drive. I just buy vehicles that the drivers seat sits high up in, doesn’t sink down.

4. I am accident prone! I hurt my knee and needed surgery. While waiting for surgery I needed to be off of it totally for 2 weeks,  so  I had crutches. As I left the Dr.s office with the crutches I slipped on the pavement and got a small fracture in  the ankle on my good leg! Back into the Dr.s office for a air cast, so that I could walk on it. Cannot say how many people gave me strange looks as I was walking on the foot with the air cast and keeping the leg that looked totally fine up. To the bold ones that would tell me I was walking on the wrong foot I would tell my story to and they would walk away shaking their head.

5. I LOVE DOGS!! At one time we owned 4, yes we were crazy 🙂 My Boston Terrier has my heart tho. It was my first dog, besides the ones I grew up with at home. My Boston and I were a package deal when my husband proposed. She passed away several years ago, but I won’t forget her.

6. We used to have fish, but my girls begged me not to get anymore, for they always ended up dying on us. Apparently we are not fish people, tho I did love watching them swim around in their beautiful colors!

7. If I could travel the world with no worry about money I would in a heartbeat! There is so much I want to see and so little time. So I have enjoyed  people posting  pictures of where their travels have taken them, and pictures from where they live. Keep posting! I can at least travel there in my mind 🙂

Now I pass on this challenge to anyone that wants to take it. It would be fun to get to know more about my wonderful fellow bloggers!

14 thoughts on “7 Fun Facts you always wanted to know…Ok, maybe not always :)

    • Thanks and wellllll…I could make a list, but fortunately nothing was so bad that couldn’t be fixed. My poor knee did get hurt again when my oldest was 3. I was watching tv sitting on the couch with my legs stretched out propped on the coffee table. My oldest was climbing over me and Daddy, she started getting more active and she bounced over to my knee and CRACK! My knee got dislocated and let me tell you there is not much that compares to the pain of a dislocated knee! The nurse in the ER said the knees and shoulders are the worse things to dislocate. I literally couldn’t speak when it happened,

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  1. Oh, this was lots of fun! (I had to google to find out what “Peeps” are.) It is great to get to know more about you, although a lot of these things come out in your posts. So sorry about your knee! OUCH! I hope the future is accident-free! 🙂

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