Keep laughing, you won’t grow old! :)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ha Ha Ha.”

In response to this prompt we are to share our favorite jokes, well I know they probably were meaning a favorite joke we have heard…but. The idea of the prompt is to write something to make you laugh and I feel these personal jokes will do just that!

As I have stated in a post before, I believe laughter is so important! Having a sense of humor will help you get through a lot in life and it makes life more fun! I am thankful that tho I was born being short in stature, I wasn’t short on humor! I love to laugh whether its at other people or myself. These couple things I am going to share is when the laughter was aimed at me. Go ahead, its OK to laugh at them 🙂

When I was 20 I worked at a restaurant as a waitress and loved my regular customers. There was one customer who loved pulling practical jokes, and my car was always the target! He had such a sweet wife, she would just shake her head at him, LOL! He liked putting huge signs on my car. The restaurant was in the same parking lot as a lot of businesses, so a lot of people coming and going. I came out of work one day to see a small crowd of people gathered around my car. I acted like a spectator as I  drew closer to the car, so I could see the sign. It said, “Car Auction at 5;00!” I think I went back into the restaurant and waited for people to give up and leave. One day I remember a lot of my customers, new and regulars chuckling to themselves as I waited on them. My friend the cashier figured out what was going on when she was outside for break. A HUGE teddy bear was sitting on my car with a BIG sign saying, “Single waitress looking for a man, as long as you have teeth, you will do. Ask for Carolyn.” My regular old men customers got a big kick out of this one, “We have teeth!”, they would say. Oh the memories this brings back. We had a great group of co-workers and great customers to have fun with!  Me and one of my co-workers had a running battle of the Phillies vs.the Atlanta Braves. Let’s see should I say the team I was for, what kind of fans are my readers? LOL! Anyway when they played against each other in the World Series, what a week that was! We would bring tissue boxes in for each other, depending how the previous night’s game went. If your team lost that night, you can believe that every time you saw each other you would hear about it!! I can still see the smirk on his face and the laughter in his eyes.

The other BIG joke that I won’t forget, happened when I lived in South Carolina for a year. I was doing  Voluntary Service as a Teacher’s Aide for our mission board. I lived with a household of AWESOME people, that became dear like family!  If you remember the pictures I posted last week of the cabin in the the beautiful mountains, that was where we had reunions with my Awesome friends. We all still keep in touch and we were in South Carolina back in 1990! Well pranks definitely ran rampid down there, and yes I was usually the instigator or the victim, I will say I think I was the victim more!  LOL!

The list of jokes is long, but will share the one that happened when I came back to South Carolina after my week of vacation at  home in Pennsylvania. It was night when I got back to our house in South Carolina. I walked into my room with my luggage and SURPRISE there was nothing there!! It looked like I didn’t live there, everything was off my walls and the biggest thing I noticed was that my bed was gone! Yes, you heard me right. My bed was missing. Now, other things I figured could have been put in the attic or stored in the garage, like my dresser, but my bed?? So I slept on the couch that night vowing that I would have revenge. The next morning the pranksters laughingly took me outside and had me stand on the back porch and look up. There it was! My bed was resting with the birds high up in the tree!! One of those moments where you are speechless, but yet you have to laugh. Have to commend them for effort, for I heard how it wasn’t easy getting the bed up there, and NO, I did not have sympathy!  Yes, it took a lot of  work to get it down also, but they were pleased with themselves at having pulled it off.

One time when my husband to be came to visit me in Pa. our visit was coming to an end. I had to go to work and he was heading back to Indiana. I said a tearful goodbye at my house and left. What i didn’t know, is that he didn’t leave right away. He had some “decorating” to do! I came home after 11pm, tired but looking forward to his phone call saying he was home safely.  Opened my bedroom door and stepped into a spider web of kite string!! It was all over! Stretching from my bed to my desk to my dresser,etc. Opened my closet and all of my hangers were strung together. Needless to say when the phone rang, I didn’t give my typical greeting!

I could go on and on, but don’t want this post getting too long!

So what was a great joke that you had played on you or played on someone else? Hey, I can always use ideas, I still owe some people.:)  Life is full of serious moments, but we need to make sure to add the light ones into it! Watch Out! April Fools Day is coming! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Keep laughing, you won’t grow old! :)

    • Glad you enjoyed them! Here you go,now you can spice up your serious place by playing them on someone, LOL! 🙂 Just make sure the person can take a joke! I figured someday I should write a book on all of them and make money on it and I would have the last laugh! Haha!

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  1. Once when my kids were little, they got into my yarn bag early in the morning and put a spider web all over the house before I woke up. But I don’t think they meant it as a prank — more likely, they were just pretending to be spiders!

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    • Haha, you are probably right! The one thing I forgot to mention was my darling husband hadn’t even brought along kite string to decorate my room. He thought of it while he was there and he asked me if there was a store close by that would sell kite string! So I naively took him there! I was curious why he wanted it, but figured he had a kite back home or something! Ha!


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