Monday’s Snapshot Memories!

LA-04Hi! Today is celebration of Cousins Day and honoring 2 special young ladies. My daughter and my niece. I got this idea due to my sister in law and I commiserating over the facts that are girls are growing up! Hers turned 17 on St.Patricks Day and my oldest will be 16 this Friday!! Where did the time go we ask! Where is the magic wand to make them small again! Hope you enjoy these pictures of the cousins through the years! Wonderful group of AWESOME kids! Yes,I may be a little biased! Excuse me and my sister in law as we have a box of tissues by us as we look at these! Sniff, Sniff!

LA-02006005LA-02LA-04003Cell 0538Cell 1527Cell 1890Cell 1480DSC01714DSC01700

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