What scares you?

Do you suffer from chiclephobia, eisoptrophobia,lepidopterophobia,ailurophobia,herpetophobia,or botanaphobia??

If you don’t suffer from any of these but you actually know what they mean and have heard of them before, then congrats, you are smarter than me! πŸ™‚ Of course that isn’t saying much!

For those of you who don’t know and are dying of curiosity, I am here to save the day for you. I had grabbed one of those little trivia books for my husband’s stocking last Christmas and here is a small portion of what I learned.

Please no offense to those who may have some of these fears. I do poke some fun, for I couldn’t help it, but I do feel sorry for these people at the same time. Fear is real and I know it can be controlling and that is sad, for we weren’t meant to live in fear. Some of these may seem silly to you to, but how many fears do we have that maybe don’t sound but still are wrong if we let them control us. Fears that we need to let go of, for they do us no good. They only hinder us from fully enjoying life!

Chiclephobia – The fear of chewing gum which Oprah Winfrey has. O to miss out on all those great flavors of gum out there! And I guess she never had the pleasure of blowing a bubble or maybe at one time she did blow a bubble and itΒ  popped all over her and that explains the fear.

Lepidopterophobia – The fear of butterflies which NIcole Kidman has. I can’t imagine being afraid of something so beautiful. One of theΒ  songs from Sound of Music is going through my mind now, I flit, I flutter, I fly!

Ailurophobia – A fear of cats. Napoleon Bonaparte had this fear. He could lead armies, but he was afraid of cats! So a army of cats could have raised against him and they would have won!

Herpetophiba – A fear of reptiles. Here is one I can understand a little easier, I never quite understood the fad of Britney Spears who has this fear, but being afraid of alligators, crocodiles; yeah I can see that.

Botanaphobia – A fear of houseplants. Yes, you heard me correctly. I can see the movie title now, The Attack of the Killer Spider plant!! Sorry this one just cracked me up.Β  Apparently Christina Ricci has this fear.


13 thoughts on “What scares you?

  1. Hahahha, i didnt know a single one of these terms :D. Joy, do u remember when I posted i have a fear of animals? That actually includes reptiles, cats and butterflies too πŸ™ˆ.


    • OH my gosh! I don’t remember that Ameena! I truly meant no offense dear friend! Hey now at least you know the proper terms for it! πŸ™‚ Do you know how it started? Have you always been that way? Are you afraid of dogs too?

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      • Its okay Joy, really :D. Dogs? Oh, those i’m petrified of. But its gotten better now. Before my instinct on sighting them is to run but with help from my friends its so much better now πŸ˜„


    • Oh I am so glad that your friends have helped you not fear dogs as much! They are so adorable! My husband’s grandma is really afraid of dogs, when she found out we had 4 dogs at one time she was like OH MY!! LOL!

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  2. I have a friend who has Lepidopterophobia. With her it is more a fear of moths than butterflies, because butterflies usually keep their distance. But when a moth flies at or around her, especially around her head, she totally freaks out. Just talking about it can send her into panic.


    • So sorry about your friend, I hope you understood that I meant no offense, they just all struck me as very unique. I hadn’t heard of them before. Has she always been that way? Do you know what caused it?


      • 😊 I know you are a caring person and mean no disrespect. These do seem like strange fears to have. I still don’t understand it at all, especially since I like insects and spiders and reptiles. (I like just about all creepy crawlies, but slugs are gross!) I laughed when she first told me, but as she described it I realised it is an irrational terror of which she has no control. She says she’s always felt this way. I think I’d have to chat to someone like her mom to find out if it is trauma induced. Fortunately she doesn’t have to deal with it too often, but outdoor nighttime cocktail parties are a problem. 😣

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