Did that really happen?

Falls Time again for Sunday’s Flash Photo Fiction. Thanks to Joe Owens for the beautiful picture and leading this challenge.

The little 6 year old girl was so excited! This was her first time in visiting Niagara Falls. She had completed swim lessons and loved the water! Was like a fish.

At last she arrived, eagerly she went with her parents and sister and Grammy and Pappy to see the Falls. She was taken in by the roar of the Falls and the beauty of them. Turned to her Mom and said, “I think I could swim in them, I did just complete swim lessons!’ Her Mom laughed as she hugged her, keeping a stronger grip on her; in case she would really get the urge to try and swim.

“Hey, look at that!” Everyone turned to look at something that was in the sky. The little girl knew this was her chance with everyone distracted and her Mom having let go. 1-2-3 and she jumped!!!

With horror the Mom, saw the flash of her orange shirt going by. She grabbed the rail and screamed a gut wrenching sound.

Whoa! What was that? It couldn’t be! Everyone had their cameras out and were pointing.

Her little girl was flying!! Her arms were outstretched and she was gliding, she came back and landed right in front of her pale faced Mom. “Did you see me Mom? I did it! I was a bird, just like I always wanted to be!”


9 thoughts on “Did that really happen?

    • Yes I have seen the Flying Nun! Made me laugh that you said that, for I can see it, but totally wasn’t thinking about it when I wrote it. I just knew I didn’t want the little girl to drown so had to think of something and hey it was fiction so why not fly 🙂 My daughter always did want to be a bird,so that part was true 🙂


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