The Carrot

I love children’s books! I love all books, but sometimes its just fun to read Children’s books,ย  and the simple truths that they plainly state. Not to mention the pretty pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

I was reading the story The Carrot today in my toddlers class. Do you remember that story? A little boy planted some carrot seeds and his family told them they would never grow, he watered them every day and weeded and his family told him they aren’t going to grow. He would check it every day and nothing would be there, and his family would shake their heads. BUT that day comes when he goes out and checks it and he sees aย BIG, ORANGE CARROT!ย  So big he neededย  a wheelbarrow for it!

A simple story of faith. The little boy believed even when everyone was telling him it wasn’t going to happen. He didn’t lose hope as the days passedย  and there was no carrot, he just kept doing what he knew to do and believing.

Thankful for a family that believes in me, and is always there for me!ย  They have my back just like family is supposed to. Thankful for friends who stand by me and help shut out the anti-carrot voices. The voices that say just give up, you really think something good is going to come out of this, you are wasting your time.ย  Let those voices fade into the wind!

Who has your back today? Make sure you listen to them! Keep nurturing that carrot, it will grow into the BESTEST carrot ever!


11 thoughts on “The Carrot

  1. Calling them “anti-carrot voices” certainly takes the seriousness out of their complaints! In the future I’ll picture naysayers wearing T-shirts with a red circle and slash over a carrot, and then I’ll just want to laugh rather than getting annoyed! ๐Ÿ™‚

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