Sunday’s Flash Fiction

12345   They were drawing closer, Larissa was so excited! She had been looking forward to this for so long! She was finally going to see the famous laboratory where one of the world’s greatest inventions was being made.She could see the building and she started thinking about the invention.

This invention would be so fabulous!  It was called Melanie the Wonder Maid. A specially crafted robot to do any chore you could imagine! It could mop and polish a floor, wash and fold laundry, vaccum and even cook! The cooking model was a little more intricate for it had several different options;  Breakfast, Gourmet, Vegetarian, Desserts. Would shoot out recipes you would pick one and lay out all the ingredients push the button PRESTO it would cook!

“Larissa, Larissa! What are you doing? Why are the clothes still laying there to be folded?”

“What, What??” Larissa felt like she was in a fog and it was fading fast! She turned back from looking out the window at the new  building recently built.. DANG! She must have dozed off and started dreaming. She knew it had been  too good to be true! She shuffled over to her bed to start folding.

Thank you to Joe Owens for the picture prompt and leading Sunday’s Flash Fiction


12 thoughts on “Sunday’s Flash Fiction

  1. Aww… I feel her pain! 🙂

    They now sell Internet-connected washers and dryers that send you a message when the load is done, but without a robot to actually do the laundry I don’t see the point of it!

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