Folllow your heart – Sunday’s Flash Fiction

BirdsThanks to Joe Owens for the picture prompts that he provides as he leads the weekly Sunday Flash Fiction. I have found it fun to see what kind of story a picture brings to my mind. Feel free to join in if any of you are inspired to join and hope you enjoy my story!

“So how much longer do we have to be here? I want the SEA! We are SEAgulls, so we are supposed to be at the sea. Not in the parking lot of a hotel! I told you Lucas has no sense of direction”, the other seagulls nodded.

His Dad turned to him and said, ” See the open window over there?”

Oliver turned and said, “What is Lucas doing over there, why is he letting that little girl stroke him? He is crazy!”

“No my son, he is not crazy! He is bringing the sea to her, cause she is too sick to go to it.”

Oliver felt a sense of warmthness creep into his heart.

See my children having a sense of direction isn’t everything. There are times when you need a sense of heart. You need to be sensitive to what your heart feels. I want all of you  to follow your heart, that will always be your best source of direction.”

10 thoughts on “Folllow your heart – Sunday’s Flash Fiction

  1. That’s sort of what I thought, too. Those seagulls look lost. The parking lot conversation between the seagulls is such a different way to present the prompt.


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