Crisis averted

The debate between electronic books and real books have been never ceasing for awhile now. I wasn’t planning on writing this tonight, but since the event happened, I thought , Hey that could make a good post, or maybe not. I will let you decide 🙂

I finished my book in the early part of the evening, was lost in thought for awhile at the ending, but then came out of my book trance.  As I sat there I thought,  Ok, what will the next book be?  That is when it hit me, I hadn’t put books on my Kindle for awhile. I had been reading real books and now I had none of them left. Well shouldn’t say none, my bookshelves will argue with that. But the books on the shelves are treasures that have already been read. So what do you do when you are in a crisis? You text another book loving friend who you knew would understand 🙂 After laughing at me by text it didn’t take long for her to send me 2 links to FREE Kindle books. She thought I would like them and she was right!  I read the description was intrigued and with 1 click my crisis was solved! Why can’t all my crisis be solved that quickly!

In conclusion, that my friends is why as much as I LOVE the feel of a real book, I also really love my Kindle! At the touch of my fingers I can instantly have a book. Instantly begin to read, being transported into another world. Yes, I can go to libraries, but they are closed right now. Don’t think a policeman would have much sympathy for my “book crisis” if I I tried breaking into the library.

Book crisis is averted thanks to my Kindle and my friend. BUT….there is another problem looming now; the bed is calling my name, and so is my KIndle! What do I do??

10 thoughts on “Crisis averted

    • I finished the 6th book in The Discovery Series by Wanda Brunstetter called A Vow for Always. A Amish mystery and romance. Am now reading Temperance’s Trial. It takes place in the Nazi era, about undercover Germans who helped hide Jews and get them to safety to protect them from HItler. As you see I like a big variety of books. I haven’t done the audiobooks yet, but I can see how that would be nice for the treadmill! I usually just turn on music.

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  1. I agree. There’s nothing like the instantaneous delivery of a book! However, some books (fiction and nonfiction) I just have to buy, especially if I’m going to use them as a reference. I used to work for a publisher, and I can say that ebooks are a pain in the bum to prepare, because you have to create a PDF for each software/device. I still like to read them on my kindle, however – especially if I don’t have to pay for them!

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  2. You know I’ve never read a book in any other format other than as printed paper and bound. I have some books on my iBook and was never tempted by them. I have been thinking about buying a Kindle but… I don’t know. I love the feel of paper too much. But I know it’s time to change.

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    • Oh I know the feel of the book, the smell of the book, especially the brand new ones, a electronic device can’t compare. But the PaperWhite Kindle is about the average size of a book and honestly with the screen being so white and nothing else on it, you can think you are reading a real book. That is til you have to swipe the page 🙂 But I would suggest the Paperwhite Kindle over a regular Kindle when you decide to take the step 🙂 The other nice things about the Kindle is that it holds SO MANY books, so when you go on vacation or anywhere, you don’t have to carry a slew of books around. You can just carry your Kindle 🙂


  3. I’m a big fan of my Paperwhite Kindle too — it really does feel a lot like a book! And putting more books on it is very quick, as you say. The only thing that bugs me is that without the visual cue of turning real pages, if I want to go back and look at something I read earlier in the book it’s not as easy to find.

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