Monday’s Snapshot Memories!

We are going out to the MidWest today, Oklahoma!  Where it was 110 degrees! I could use some of that heat right now. My hubby was sent to Oklahoma for training with his job back in 2012, He was fixed up in a nice hotel, got a rental car and got to see a state that he had never been to. He played tennis about every day. even in the heat. He was glad that it was a dryer heat, not the humidity like we are used to. He took daily walks in the evening and said how loud and how much bigger the crickets were! Sounded like he was in the forest and he was in town! He had Fish Fry’s about once a week. The guys would go fishing and fry up the fish and they would all eat together. The only bad thing about Oklahoma was that he was far away from us for 3 months!  There were many times I was tempted to jump on a jet plane to go see him, but just wasn’t possible. The texts were flying and we were very glad for Skype. When he came home we surprised him with a trip to the ocean for the week-end. It was great!! It was in October, so we were about the only ones on the beach! The girls dove into the water for from the really hot summer we had the water was still fairly warm. I still remember the comment from my youngest at our first night on the beach.GE DIGITAL CAMERAGE DIGITAL CAMERA When we were walking back to the hotel, as it had grown dark. She gave me a peck on my cheek and said “I feel like we are in a movie, for this is the perfect ending!”  Couldn’t disagree with that 🙂GE DIGITAL CAMERAThese pictures were from Medicine State Park and the Memorial picture was when he went to visit the site of the Federal building bombing in Oklahoma City. A sad day! 

He wants to take us to Medicine Park someday, I want to go and see the adorable prairie dogs 🙂

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of Oklahoma, my hubby said he wouldn’t mind going back, as long as next time he is with me 🙂GE DIGITAL CAMERA GE DIGITAL CAMERA GE DIGITAL CAMERA GE DIGITAL CAMERA GE DIGITAL CAMERA

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