“Spread the Love Challenge”

My dear friend Priceless Joy from Beautiful Words nominated me to participate in the Spread the Love Challenge. A fun way to celebrate February. You are supposed to write 10 four word sentences about love and share your favorite quote or poem about love from a movie or book. Then nominate 10 more bloggers to keep “spreading the Love” 🙂

Love is truly unconditional.                                        Love – spoken by eyes.

Love is always forgiving.                                            Love = a warm heart.

Love is often exciting.                                                 Love = a open heart.

Love = a warm hug.                                                      Love – being another’s  wings.

Love is tears shared.                                                   Love- sound of laughter.

“How do you spell love?” said Piglet

“You don’t spell it….you feel it.” said Pooh

There are so many great quotes and poems about love, but that has to be one of my favorites, for we all know just saying you love someone isn’t enough, you have to show it, you have to make sure they feel loved!

Thanks PJ for this fun challenge and now here is my list of 10 to continue it on.

Jeanne from The Exceptional Everyday

Meg Evans

Maria from Another Cup of Coffee

Little Learner


Caroline from Beautiful Life with Cancer

Dawn from Daily Devotions with Dawn

Silver Threading

Sam from Another Voice

Love, Hope and Happy Notes


8 thoughts on ““Spread the Love Challenge”

  1. Oh wow Joy! I’ve been trying to write this and all I’m getting is ****( literally nothing 😀 ) , haha, you nailed this challenge. I love that quote you shared about piglet, typed it down and saved it so that I don’t forget it. 🙂


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