The Neurologist Appointment

Dear friends please take the time to read this and I encourage you to follow her blog.This is a dear friend of my niece’s who is going through a devastating diagnosis of her 6 month old baby rightn now. Please keep Baby Tori in your thoughts and prayers right now and her parents who are walking a journey that no parent wants to walk. The Mom Lesa is part of the WordPress family and I have been so encouraged by the wonderful bloggers I have met on here, so I am thankful that I know you will stand in the corner for Tori too!

Even So, Joy

We met with the neurologist this morning to receive further insight into the MRI results, and it looks like we will still have to wait for a certain diagnosis.

However, the news we did receive is devastating.

We saw the MRI images and the inside of Tori’s brain has shrunk, and there is fluid in the middle. The doctor said that it appears that she has some form of leukodystrophy – which is very serious and not always treatable. I am crying as I even type those words.

We will have blood work on Tuesday to try to narrow down what she is facing, but it doesn’t look good. She will also be seeing a pediatric ophthalmologist.

We need a complete miracle. We know God is bigger than this! But the thought that we might losing our baby girl is more than we can bear. We are trying to stay…

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