Sunday’s Photo Fiction – Neptune saves the Day!


“Mom, who is that a statue of and why is it in the middle of our town”

“Let’s go sit on that nice park bench by the field of poppies and I will tell you all about it.”

Long, long ago, there was a severe drought in the town. Everything was drying up. Crops were dying and farmers were growing desperate! The kids were upset, for the water in the creeks were drying up to, which meant no summer fun. No one knew what to do. The worst thing was that it was so bad, that even having drinking water was becoming hard to get.

Who would have thought we would ever run out drinking water! Suddenly that nice cool glass of water was savored and sipped at. The wetness of it felt so good to their parched throats.

Everyone went to bed that night with discouraged hearts and little children begging for one more drink.

One farmer was said to have been standing out looking sadly on his dying cornfield and suddenly he noticed a figure. A shadowy figure on a horse in the middle of the field! The farmer wasn’t sure what to do and his heart started pounding when he saw the figure raise his staff. All at once the skies opened up and buckets of rain came pouring down. The rain continued for a week, and no one took for granted the privilege of water again!


2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Photo Fiction – Neptune saves the Day!

  1. Thanks! My youngest actually gave me the idea about Neptune, the water God 🙂 She used to be into Greek mythology and she looked at the statue and said it reminded her of Neptune for some reason. I said Thanks, for my mind was blank.


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