Sharing a bit of Sunshine

I had to reblog these beautiful flowers. This brought a smile to my face as I have tears in my heart. My friend Amanda who I posted about in my recent blog, LOVED flowers. They made her smile and added beauty to her hard life. So to find this as the first post when I started scrolling down I think was meant to be. LIke she is saying to me, “Hey remember the times that were full of beauty in my life, not the sad oes.” Thank you to Relections for my Soul posting this.

Reflections for my Soul

I hate winter.

Here in NJ the air is chilly, the sky is gray, and everything looks blah.  I needed to jazz up my mood a bit so I went to the local Produce Junction and found this beautiful flower.

Each petal is soft to the touch with a rich purple color.  Its center is a burst of sunshine which is desperately needed today.  Unfortunately I do not remember what it’s called.

Thanks for visiting and sharing my piece of sunshine today!

All comments are welcome!

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