Friday’s 6 word story!

No more broken wings….soar free!

This is written in honor of my dear friend Amanda, who passed away yesterday after a complicated illness.

You are free my dear friend, no more pain, no more having trouble to breathe, no more bruising from being jagged so many times with needles. We met through our kids, the 3 muskateers that hit it off right away at their young ages. Unfortunately there were lots of tears in our journey of friendship. Lots of hard things that I wish you would have never had to go through. But you always found a way to smile in spite of the pain and even joke. You had spirit my friend! A spirit that inspired me, you never gave up.  A fighting spirit that  fought hard for the sake of your daughter. I will try my best to make sure she remembers how much you loved her and that you are still fighting for her, and wishing her the absolute best in life. That you are passing on your fighting spirit to her and that she will go far! She will succeed and make you so proud of her. Love you my friend, your life was too short!


4 thoughts on “Friday’s 6 word story!

  1. Thanks ladies! I really appreciate your thoughts and words. I am still in shock. Dreading telling my girls when they get home from school, it will be the first time they have lost someone that they have experienced the death of someone they know. .I didn’t want to tell them early this morning before school.


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