Do you forget?

Good Morning! Last night a memory came to me of my youngest daughter and I started laughing. I couldn’t remember exact details, but I found them, thanks to writing memories down. My journals may take up room but they are invaluable! I thought I would share it with you all today. Start your day off with a laugh and something to think about.

My girls were 6 and 8 at the time and we were walking our dogs. When we got home, we came through the backyard fence, but the back door was locked. I had the key for the front door. My oldest wanted to come with me, but my youngest decided to stay in the back with the dogs. I said I would come and unlock the back door once I got in and let her and the dogs back in. Well as soon as I opened the front door the phone was ringing. I ran to answer it and it was a dear friend. I sat down to chat; you can probably guess where this is leading. 🙂

All at once the front door burst open with a very red faced little girl! Oh gosh, it still makes me laugh picturing it in my mind. She came through the door and saw me on the phone. She wasted no time in letting her true feelings be known as she opened her mouth and said, ” You sure do forget what’s IMPORTANT sometimes, Don’t YOU!!

I quickly got off the phone as I went to hug my precious girl and reassure her that she was very important to me! I was forgiven, and I did feel guilty,but I have to admit I was chuckling inside too.

So my question for you is what have you forgotten to do sometimes?? And for a deeper moment, how often do we forget what is truly important? How often do we get tied up with other pressing matters, things that aren’t bad, but that may distract us from what is really important!

I have a picture frame with the words, While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. So very true and I am thankful for what my kids have taught me and keep teaching me; even when they are red-faced and mad.


9 thoughts on “Do you forget?

  1. LOL! I think I may have done this myself! 🙂 But such a good reminder! I wish I would have journaled through my boy’s childhood. But I still have many sweet memories! Thanks for sharing a laugh and a reminder about what is IMPORTANT! 🙂

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  2. This sure Made me laugh Joy because I know it’s exactly what I’d do if I was in her place :D. I love memories. Reminds me of a time my mum forgot to pick me up from school, haha, though it wasn’t funny then.


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