A Moment in Time that will never be Forgotten

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.” Tell the story behind one of the last pictures you took.

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This isn’t one of the last pictures I took, but one of the last that have made it off my card to be stored in the computer. This picture doesn’t need many words. It is the 9/11 memorial that we visited this past summer.  Waterfalls where the twin towers once stood.  Names engraved on the walls, each name bearing its own story. Each name of someone whose hopes and dreams were cut way too short! As you solemnly gaze at the names and listen to the falling water, a peace along with a sadness grows in your heart. It’s a peaceful spot with trees around it but the place holds sadness of a day that will never be forgotten! A day that didn’t only affect New York, but affected everyone in the U.S. and I know other countries grieved with us to. A day the country came together and for a time put aside our differences, and we were united. United in grief and healing, united in honoring the memories of so many that were lost and united in not taking life for granted. Learning to savor each breath you take.

As much as I never want anything like 9/11 to happen on our soil again, I do fear that we are forgetting about savoring each day. Forgetting the unity we had, where we put aside petty differences to help out in any way we could. Forgetting the true meaning of life.

So please as you look at this picture, take a moment to reflect. Reflect on what is truly important in life and  thank God for each day HE gives you. Remember each day is a gift from God and what we do with it, is our gift back to HIM.

Tuesday’s Thoughts

Peace,Happiness and Joy are possible during the time I drink my tea. ( and I am sipping on my orange spice tea now:))

Thai Nhot Hani

Quiet the Mind and the Soul will speak! ( so important to do in our busy world today!)

Ma Jaya Soti Bhag

Raise your words,not your voice. It is the rain that grows flowers, NOT the thunder! ( a important, powerful reminder)


And to end your tiny journey of peace today, I leave you with a smile! This is for my dear friend 🙂

Keep Calm and Sing Soft Kitty!

Now that song has been going through my mind all morning, thanks to my friend! I am passing it on to you all now who also laugh at Sheldon Cooper!

Enjoy a peaceful Tuesday my friends!

Serenity in words

I walked by our window and saw my daughter and her friend in the front yard. Up the street I saw our elderly friend walking our way on his daily walk. No matter the weather, he is out and he is the nicest man. Always would wave at us when we were out waiting for the bus when the girls were younger. I was so happy to be on a street with wonderful neighbors. What I didn’t realize was the bond that was growing between my youngest daughter and him. She would remark if she didn’t see him on his walk one day. She could be sitting inside on the couch and when she would see him come walking down the street ,she was out the door to  go greet him.

So  today I watched the scene play out once again. He sees her coming and he stops. She runs up to him with her arms outstretched and he opens his arms and they embrace in a tight hug.  Today tho it really pulled at my heartstrings and I am not sure why. Was it a tear that I imagined  glistening on his cheek as he hugged my daughter tightly, or was it the fact  that she ran out to hug him in front of her friend. That maybe she is a cool 13 year old, but not too cool to show love to the elderly.

For me,  the picture of them embracing was heartwarming and brought serenity to my soul.

One of these times I do want to catch it on camera.  I believe that it will be a picture that my daughter will cherish.

Friday’s 6 word story!

Silence is golden…no, not always!

Yes when you totally lose your voice, you miss it! Especially when you work at a daycare! Tho, I have to say it was really cute to see the faces of my 2 year olds when they heard me whisper 🙂 They whispered back thinking it was a game 🙂 It’s very good that there is always 2 of us in charge for I needed a voice when the one ran out the door! So there you have the story behind Friday’s 6 word story. When was silence not golden for you?

The Beating Heart

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.” Grab the nearest book to you and turn to page 82. Go the 3rd full sentence and incorporate into your post. I experience a shock of horror, then a strong thrill of grief, then a desire-a necessity to see her, and I asked what room she was in. My heart was pounding, but I had to meet her, I had to give her a hug. She was a stranger, but now we were connected forever, in a way neither of us would have ever dreamed of!

This week  had  been such a roller coaster of emotions and it wasn’t over yet. I had rushed to the hospital as soon as my husband called me. There had been a terrible accident, I had to come quick, Savannah was in critical condition! I felt like I had swallowed a apple. I couldn’t speak and I could hardly breathe, as I sped to the hospital daring a policeman to stop me. My baby girl, NOT my baby girl!! OH LORD PLEASE! She has to live!! OH traffic move faster, I have got to get there! This is feeling like an eternity, but a part of me doesn’t even feel like I am driving. I am going through the motions of driving, doing what I have to do,  body is going numb and I can’t stop shaking. I finally arrive and park the car, I run to the Emergency entrance and see my husband right inside the doors.

We embrace and I can’t bring myself to ask the question, he  quietly leads me to the CCU floor and shows me into her room. Bile starts raising in my throat and I feel faint, I sway and my husband’s strong arms catch me. Oh Savannah, is that you? Is that really you underneath all those tubes and laying there all black and blue. Your beautiful black hair is matted with bright red blood. The beeps of the machine that is keeping you breathing is gonna drive me out of my mind. I want to take you home!!

I want to place you lovingly on the couch in our living room, cover you up with your favorite cozy blanket. The one with horses running free. Make you your favorite meal and watch your favorite movies til you are well again. When you get tired of movies I will read your favorite books to you. Together we will pull through this! But hey you gotta move now, you gotta wake up! Do you hear me?? Savannah!! Wake up!!! This is your MOM, I Need you!!!

I heard my husband’s quiet sobs as he held me but I couldn’t focus on him, all my attention was drawn to the still form on the bed. The person who I was told was my daughter. How? How could this be my daughter? She isn’t running or talking a mile a minute….she isn’t laughing or cracking a joke. Oh LORD, HOW? The Dr entered the room silently, his face said it all. I didn’t need him to speak. I knew this was the end and that is when I let myself sob. I sobbed til everything went black! It’s been a week already, tho it feels just like yesterday and here I am again at the hospital.  I was really going to meet her. In our shock of horror , at our daughter’s death, and the strong thrill of grief that resonated through us, we signed the papers  for the Dr.; knowing that we would be honoring our daughter’s wishes.

Now I had a desire, a necessity to see her and I asked what room she was in. I slowly walked deep in thought. My heart was still very fresh with grief, but there was a part of me that was so proud of my daughter. Rm.215, this was it. They knew I was coming. What would I say, my legs started feeling like jello. I opened the door and walked in. Her husband was sitting by her bed and they looked up when I walked in. Our eyes met and at first we could just stare. I introduced myself and the husband got up from his chair and put out his hand. I shook it, but was soon pulled into a deep embrace. He choked out the words Thank You as he wiped tears from his eyes, I couldn’t tell if it was his body shaking so badly or mine. I turned to his  wife and tears were glistening in her deep brown eyes. She handed me a stethoscope. It was inscribed,” With eery heartbeat I will remember Savannah”. I couldn’t speak, the apple was back again. She motioned me to put it in my ears and I did. I bent down and as tears silently streamed down my face, I listened  to the steady beating of  my daughter’s heart. I squeezed the wife’s  hand. No words were needed.

“I experience a shock of horror,  then a strong thrill of grief, then a desire-a necessity to see her, and I asked what room she was in.” This was the 3rd sentence in my book Jane Eyre. Highly recommend the book!

How long?

The girl stood on the mountaintop and looked up into the dark sky as her heart cried, “How Long?”

How long will it be til the sun bursts through the dark of the night with a brilliance that almost blinds the eyes!

A brilliance that hasn’t been seen before, it only has been in her dreams.

How long, til the colors of the rainbow come through so vibrantly making her  almost forget that there was a terrible storm.

She remembers the feel of the pain of the rain, but right now the vibrance of the rainbow makes the memories of the pain dim.

How long til the fragrance of the spring flowers is strong, but another fragrance is even stronger.

A fragrance that has come alive at last and is spreading rapidly  to those who still need  to feel truly alive by its scent.

“How long?” cried the girl again, as the thunder rolled, and the lightning cracked.

“How long?” cried the girl, as a wildfire sprung forth licking up everything around it with its tongues of flames

“How long?” cried the girl, as the silence roared in her ears and she gazed about.  She had expected the answer to come

bursting loudly through. To be impossible to miss! A loud trumpet roar, a thunder roll, a blazing fire.

But it wasn’t in any of those things, so she tried once more.

“How long?” shouted the girl, and the answer came! It came in the gentle, sweet whisper of her precious Lord.

It was in the gentle whisper, and her soul was at rest.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

You will never reach your destination, if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.

Winston Churchill

I saw this quote and it just struck me, hope you like it. Can you see the wisdom in it?  I pray that wisdom can follow you through your week!

Alice: How long is forever?

White Rabbit: Sometimes just one second

Lewis Carroll

How true this is!! When you are waiting in traffic, 3 minutes can seem like an eternity. When you are in between classes and talking in the hallway to your friends, 3 minutes  goes WAY TOO  FAST!!! How fast or slow will your 3 minutes be today?

Have a great Tuesday everyone! My girls went off to school happy, so the morning is off to  a good start for me. Doesn’t others moods affect us so much! Go affect someone’s mood in a GOOD way today! Spread the JOY!

Adoption = Cookbooks & Candy

My friend posts about raising her 2 adopted children, her posts touch my heart a lot and this one I just had to repost. . She deals with the bitterness and anger that her dear daughter has, gives a lesson that I think we all need to hear.


Our daughter harbors heartbreaking, heart-aching, anger toward her birth mother.

Thanks to a fun little disorder called RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder, not the cool 80’s “rad”), most of that rage is directed at me. One of RAD’s hallmarks is misdirection of anger toward the person who most closely represents the individual who caused pain. Most children with RAD aren’t aware of what’s happening; it’s not intentional, and it’s important for the “target” to understand that most of the child’s behavior is not a personal attack.

In general, she presents as an almost perfect child and is great at surface interactions. Anyone outside our home or very close inner circle of friends would be shocked that she’s anything but an angel. I did not immediately realize she creates that image on purpose, so was taken aback the day she complained about a classmate who did not like her, stating, “but I’m so sweet!” If…

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Our cozy apartment!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First!.” Tell about your first day of school, work, in a new home.

WE were so excited, the day had come! Time to move in to our first apartment. We had met not that long ago and hit it off quickly. Talked about how much fun it would be to rent an apartment together and so we began the hunt for one. One  that we would like and that our parents would approve of. Their babies were leaving home, so we needed to be safe 🙂

Found the perfect place in a nice development. It was a house that belonged to a couple that my parents knew. They were renting out their big finished basement. It had its own private entrance, so Sherry and I had the privacy we wanted and our parents had the security they wanted. I remember doing the Dance of Joy with Sherry after we signed the lease 🙂 We were taking a new step, embarking on a new adventure, taking on new responsibility and it felt good!

After unpacking all day, I remember sitting in my orange beanbag in the middle of the living room and feeling content. Boxes were still setting around, but this was OUR place and knowing Sherry we would have fun. She was envious of my waterbed, tho it was a pain to move! I remember how I would brag about how warm the sheets were when I would crawl in and laugh at her saying how her sheets were cold 🙂 Pretty sure I remember some things been thrown at me while in bed, but hey I was warm!

She would get me back by putting all the junk food up in the high cupboards! Have I mentioned that I am only 4’10 🙂

The adventure of my car chasing the sheep is a story of its own. Yes there was a sheep pasture behind the house.

Playing Monopoly was a favorite past time, the game would stay set up, for sometimes it took so long for me to win 🙂  Haha! Actually she was the big winner usually of Monopoly and I may have thrown the board and all the money up in the air a few times 🙂 Having water and ice battles happened frequently too.

Oh if the walls could talk what they would have said! We did have our share of tears, but the laughter outweighed them greatly. Serious bedtime talks of guys and how crazy they were making us! If one of us was feeling down, the other one was quick to help cheer them or just to give a hug and  shoulder to cry on.

We had made a great team, but long and behold the day of departure arrived. Sherry had got smitten by the love bug! It was time to prepare for a wedding! Yup, she was ditching me for someone better, but I forgave her 🙂 I may have lost a roommate that spring day in April, BUT our friendship continued and here 20 plus years later it is still going strong!

Our first apartment was nice. A  large  living room, big kitchen and huge bedroom in a nice development. BUT…what made it AWESOME was my roommate, and I am so thankful that our Awesome friendship has only grown stronger as it has  continued through the years!

Another thing that still remains the same;  she still beats me in games!! We play more cards now, instead of Monopoly, but I still lose! Someday…..