The Greatest Treasure!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.” Write about 5 items you would save from your burning house, besides your family and pets.

This post will be short, sweet and to the point. My dear fellow blogger, Priceless Joy basically said what I am going to say, but she still encouraged me to write my post. So here it is PJ 🙂

You ain’t got no time to grab anything!!! So don’t waste your time thinking about what you are going to grab in case of a fire.  Trust me you won’t be thinking of that dear photo album or book,etc. All you will be thinking is I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!! You will have a surge of panic go through you, but the adrenaline from the panic will enable you to call 911. You may be surprised that you might have trouble remembering your address when they ask for it. You will rush your precious family and pets out of the house and you will pray that the fire won’t totally destroy your home.

In my case I am happy to say that it didn’t totally destroy, but honestly don’t think of grabbing stuff. People don’t die from the flames they die from inhaling the smoke! Within minutes smoke filled our house, how fast smoke damage spread was incredible.

My best advice is to get a fire safe box for your most precious valuables. I know you can’t put everything in a box, what you lose in a fire can be devastating but remember if your family and pets are safe that is the most important thing! Yes there are treasures that can’t be replaced, BUT FAMILY is the greatest treasure of all!

4 thoughts on “The Greatest Treasure!

  1. Exactly! I don’t know of anyone who’d think of grabbing things when their house is on fire. Haha, seriously WordPress 😀 . Sorry about your fire Joy, but thank God nobody got hurt. There’s another prompt out though, about things we wish we’d have taken out from the fire.


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