FROZEN in time…

LA24What are those moments that you would like to freeze in time? I am sure you have some. As the music to Frozen was going through my mind for the umpteenth time, pictures started coming to my mind of moments that I will always remember and would love to go back in time and revisit. Wouldn’t that be fun if we could live some of our best moments over again. Not the bad ones like in the movie Groundhog day, but the really good ones.

I thought I would go through my photos and capture some of these moments. Hope you enjoy and may it help entice you to take a trip down your own memory lane of moments that are FROZEN in time!

Oh the days that my youngest loved to play in boxes! When she was so creative and really had more fun with boxes, kitchen cabinets, etc. then she did with toys! She still has that creative spark, just in different ways now, no more crawling in boxes πŸ™‚

LA-17 My girls loved this rocking horse! Was a great yard sale bargain with hours of fun!

LA-04 This picture makes me laugh every time! My youngest is the angel with her mouth open singing, but after this is where the laughterΒ  comes from. They sat down as another part of the play was going on. Well my precious daughter decided she was very sleepy, but bless her heart she tried to fight it. Her eyes would close and she would nod to the left and her dear friend in the red top would give her a little nudge. She would open her eyes and lick her lips and then the eyes would close again and she would nod to the right and catch herself and nod to the left. To be sitting in the pew and watching this brought so much laughter! Of course we were doing out best to hold it in, for the sake of the others on stage that were performing. A memory forever FROZEN in my mind.

LA-22My beloved Beauty, our Boston Terrier. Beauty was my first dog. When my husband proposed to me, he knew it was a package deal, that Beauty came with me. He fell in love with her too and she was a great companion to my daughters. When I brought my first daughter home from the hospital I remember Beauty looking at her strangely, wondering who this new thing was. When she cried she would cock her head and look at me pleading to make her stop πŸ™‚ Over the years she let my girls crawl on her and taught them how to fall in love with animals. She also taught them how to say goodbye when a pet dies. I still remember the day I was looking all over for them The sight that greeted me brought tears to my eyes. They were standing side by side under an umbrella at Beauty’s grave. She was a precious dog!!!GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAWalking in the courtyard of the Louvre in Paris and floating down the “streets” of Venice in a gondola are moments that will definitely forever be FROZEN in my mind!

Thank you for enjoying this little photo trip down memory lane with me, now go take a break from your day and enjoy your trip down memory lane.

Blessings to you all!

11 thoughts on “FROZEN in time…

    • I do agree with PJ, I love reading your trips down memory lane. And today the particular about your daughter with the Angel, oh, it was the much needed laughter I need (still laughing ask type this) πŸ˜€ I can’t imagine how you held it in.
      About your dog, I’m so sorry 😦 .


  1. Glad it made you laugh! Trust me it was sooo hard holding it in!! We had the whole bench shaking! My husband was videoing it and he was trying so hard not to shake the camera. She stole the show! Thanks for your sympathy for my dog. I was blessed to have her for 12 years.


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