Sunday’s flash fiction

Meet me at the bookstore, you said.

My heart skipped many beats as I made my way there, my hands were sweaty from nerves.

Meet me at the bookstore, you said.

How long I have waited for this moment, my stomach is churning.

How many times have I looked up into the sky at night, wondering if you were out there?

When I heard your voice on the line, I didn’t want to hang up, I was in shock and all I could say was OK.

Meet me at the bookstore, I am here a hour early!

Watching the clock, trying to make time move faster; but at the same time maybe it should slow down.

For years I have been dreaming of this day. What do you look like? What things do you like? There is so much I want to know about you.

Meet me at the bookstore, you said, soon my questions will be answered.

5 minutes more and my heart is pounding now, with the biggest question of all!

Why oh why did you give me up? Why did you leave me at the hospital that day?

“Anna, is that you?”

I look up into your warm, deep blue eyes. For a moment we just gaze at each other. Is thatΒ  tears I see inΒ  your eyes?

What is the wetness on my cheek?

I am enveloped in a big hug and for now I have no questions, just please don’t let me go. Your hug is touching a part

of my soul that has been closed for so long, I didn’t know it knew how to feel.

I am not sure what this warm feeling is, but I like it and I pray it continues!

Ok, well this turned out interesting! πŸ™‚ I saw a post about joining other bloggers in a Sunday’s photo flash fiction post. You write up to 200 words about the picture that is posted. I thought, Hey I should give it a try. I had 15 minutes before I have to take my daughter somewhere so let’s see what happens. I started it out with my mind thinking one thing and it took a whole different direction. Sorry you can’t see the photo, I realized that I went over the 200 word limit so OOPS! I thought of shortening it, but I gotta run now. Hope you liked this attempt and next Sunday maybe I can stay within the 200 word limit and figure out how to post the picture. This picture was of a bookstore, that’s what got me thinking of the line Meet me at the bookstore πŸ™‚ Ok gotta run! Enjoy a Blessed Sunday!

9 thoughts on “Sunday’s flash fiction

  1. I liked this story a lot. It was such a lovely, happy ending. Your description was so good I could see it happening. Welcome to Sunday Photo Fiction and I’ll be looking forward to your next story. Well done, Joyroses. πŸ™‚ — Suzanne


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