A Moment in Time that will never be Forgotten

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.” Tell the story behind one of the last pictures you took.

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This isn’t one of the last pictures I took, but one of the last that have made it off my card to be stored in the computer. This picture doesn’t need many words. It is the 9/11 memorial that we visited this past summer.  Waterfalls where the twin towers once stood.  Names engraved on the walls, each name bearing its own story. Each name of someone whose hopes and dreams were cut way too short! As you solemnly gaze at the names and listen to the falling water, a peace along with a sadness grows in your heart. It’s a peaceful spot with trees around it but the place holds sadness of a day that will never be forgotten! A day that didn’t only affect New York, but affected everyone in the U.S. and I know other countries grieved with us to. A day the country came together and for a time put aside our differences, and we were united. United in grief and healing, united in honoring the memories of so many that were lost and united in not taking life for granted. Learning to savor each breath you take.

As much as I never want anything like 9/11 to happen on our soil again, I do fear that we are forgetting about savoring each day. Forgetting the unity we had, where we put aside petty differences to help out in any way we could. Forgetting the true meaning of life.

So please as you look at this picture, take a moment to reflect. Reflect on what is truly important in life and  thank God for each day HE gives you. Remember each day is a gift from God and what we do with it, is our gift back to HIM.

10 thoughts on “A Moment in Time that will never be Forgotten

    • Have you gone to the museum they have ? We wanted to go but the line was so long and we didn’t have much time. I definitely want to get back and go there. I hear that is VERY GOOD! Yes, it is emotional! I kept thinking, GEE, I am getting all emotional and I don’t even know a single name written on the wall! Can’t imagine how it is for the loved ones of the victims!


  1. When I started reading thi posts I thought ‘oh boy, I probably wouldn’t be able to stay long there without a few sniffs’. It’s sad but we do forget about those tiny moments in life, hopefully not anymore 🙂


    • How close do you live to it? Thanks for reading and commenting, and yes it is an emotional photo. I pray that you didn’t have anyone close to you that was among the victims that day!


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