Serenity in words

I walked by our window and saw my daughter and her friend in the front yard. Up the street I saw our elderly friend walking our way on his daily walk. No matter the weather, he is out and he is the nicest man. Always would wave at us when we were out waiting for the bus when the girls were younger. I was so happy to be on a street with wonderful neighbors. What I didn’t realize was the bond that was growing between my youngest daughter and him. She would remark if she didn’t see him on his walk one day. She could be sitting inside on the couch and when she would see him come walking down the street ,she was out the door to  go greet him.

So  today I watched the scene play out once again. He sees her coming and he stops. She runs up to him with her arms outstretched and he opens his arms and they embrace in a tight hug.  Today tho it really pulled at my heartstrings and I am not sure why. Was it a tear that I imagined  glistening on his cheek as he hugged my daughter tightly, or was it the fact  that she ran out to hug him in front of her friend. That maybe she is a cool 13 year old, but not too cool to show love to the elderly.

For me,  the picture of them embracing was heartwarming and brought serenity to my soul.

One of these times I do want to catch it on camera.  I believe that it will be a picture that my daughter will cherish.

4 thoughts on “Serenity in words

  1. So sweet! I am sure it makes his day! Everyone needs human touch, hugs, love. You are raising great girls it is clear! Made me smile. I hope if / when I am old and lonely, there is someone like your daughter around to give me hugs 🙂


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