How long?

The girl stood on the mountaintop and looked up into the dark sky as her heart cried, “How Long?”

How long will it be til the sun bursts through the dark of the night with a brilliance that almost blinds the eyes!

A brilliance that hasn’t been seen before, it only has been in her dreams.

How long, til the colors of the rainbow come through so vibrantly making her  almost forget that there was a terrible storm.

She remembers the feel of the pain of the rain, but right now the vibrance of the rainbow makes the memories of the pain dim.

How long til the fragrance of the spring flowers is strong, but another fragrance is even stronger.

A fragrance that has come alive at last and is spreading rapidly  to those who still need  to feel truly alive by its scent.

“How long?” cried the girl again, as the thunder rolled, and the lightning cracked.

“How long?” cried the girl, as a wildfire sprung forth licking up everything around it with its tongues of flames

“How long?” cried the girl, as the silence roared in her ears and she gazed about.  She had expected the answer to come

bursting loudly through. To be impossible to miss! A loud trumpet roar, a thunder roll, a blazing fire.

But it wasn’t in any of those things, so she tried once more.

“How long?” shouted the girl, and the answer came! It came in the gentle, sweet whisper of her precious Lord.

It was in the gentle whisper, and her soul was at rest.


5 thoughts on “How long?

    • OH I am so sorry about the loss of your job! I am glad this spoke to you and very glad that I followed the nudge and posted it. This is more something that I would save for my journal, but felt the urge, now I know one of the reasons why. Hang in there! Will be praying for you!

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