Our cozy apartment!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First!.” Tell about your first day of school, work, in a new home.

WE were so excited, the day had come! Time to move in to our first apartment. We had met not that long ago and hit it off quickly. Talked about how much fun it would be to rent an apartment together and so we began the hunt for one. One  that we would like and that our parents would approve of. Their babies were leaving home, so we needed to be safe 🙂

Found the perfect place in a nice development. It was a house that belonged to a couple that my parents knew. They were renting out their big finished basement. It had its own private entrance, so Sherry and I had the privacy we wanted and our parents had the security they wanted. I remember doing the Dance of Joy with Sherry after we signed the lease 🙂 We were taking a new step, embarking on a new adventure, taking on new responsibility and it felt good!

After unpacking all day, I remember sitting in my orange beanbag in the middle of the living room and feeling content. Boxes were still setting around, but this was OUR place and knowing Sherry we would have fun. She was envious of my waterbed, tho it was a pain to move! I remember how I would brag about how warm the sheets were when I would crawl in and laugh at her saying how her sheets were cold 🙂 Pretty sure I remember some things been thrown at me while in bed, but hey I was warm!

She would get me back by putting all the junk food up in the high cupboards! Have I mentioned that I am only 4’10 🙂

The adventure of my car chasing the sheep is a story of its own. Yes there was a sheep pasture behind the house.

Playing Monopoly was a favorite past time, the game would stay set up, for sometimes it took so long for me to win 🙂  Haha! Actually she was the big winner usually of Monopoly and I may have thrown the board and all the money up in the air a few times 🙂 Having water and ice battles happened frequently too.

Oh if the walls could talk what they would have said! We did have our share of tears, but the laughter outweighed them greatly. Serious bedtime talks of guys and how crazy they were making us! If one of us was feeling down, the other one was quick to help cheer them or just to give a hug and  shoulder to cry on.

We had made a great team, but long and behold the day of departure arrived. Sherry had got smitten by the love bug! It was time to prepare for a wedding! Yup, she was ditching me for someone better, but I forgave her 🙂 I may have lost a roommate that spring day in April, BUT our friendship continued and here 20 plus years later it is still going strong!

Our first apartment was nice. A  large  living room, big kitchen and huge bedroom in a nice development. BUT…what made it AWESOME was my roommate, and I am so thankful that our Awesome friendship has only grown stronger as it has  continued through the years!

Another thing that still remains the same;  she still beats me in games!! We play more cards now, instead of Monopoly, but I still lose! Someday…..


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