The story behind today’s 6 word story :)

NOT up to expectations..laughter lingers

That was my 6 word story today and I know I had some people wondering what I meant. Most of my stories are easy to figure out, so had to throw a twist in. LOL! This came to me today cause of what my dear Mother-in-Law and me were talking about last night. Remembering back about 4 years ago……

The in-laws were coming out to visit and we wanted to do something special for the week-end. Go show them a different part of Pa. So I did some research and found what sounded lovely. A mansion cabin in the woods. Lots of land with wildlife the online website said. 2 story air conditioned mansion cabin with a hot tub! Doesn’t it sound great?? You know what was even better…the price! All it showed online was a small distant picture of it, but hey from the description sounded like a great getaway. My girls loved the outdoors and we were close to antique shops, and a zoo to go to for the day. I booked the cabin and the girls were excited, telling their friends they were going to a “mansion” in the woods.

The day came at last and as we got closer it definitely got more remote. I was beginning to wonder if we were going the right way as we getting deeper and deeper into the woods. Then we spied it, we saw the mansion. Well at least the GPS told us it was the mansion, our eyes weren’t too sure. I could hear theย  hesitation in the girls voices as they asked if we were sure this was it. I told them how you can’t judge a book by its cover! OK so the porch seemed a little rickety, the railing moved when I leaned on it, but hey there was a porch swing. Then we opened the door…..

Where is the light?? OH there is a string, I guess you pull on it and yup there was light! Light that showed a big note on the counter about being aware that there were mice in the cabin and another note next to it warning of bears!” A bear was actually sighted on the back porch so please don’t leave any food outside. If you need assistance, you know in case a bear attacks you, (OK, so it didn’t say in case of a bear attack, but…) call the owners.” Well 1 problem! Cell phones didn’t work in the area and we saw no phone

We took in the big pieces of masking tape stretched across the walls in different spots to put together the peeling wallpaper. But hey the couch was comfy in the living room, you may not be able to get back out of it once sitting down tho, for it sits wayyy down!

Surely upstairs had to be the mansion part right??? As we climbed the narrow staircase with no railing, I had my doubts. WHOA, don’t step on that! My youngest was in barefeet and we were all looking at a soup can lid that had been nailed to the floor. Apparently to cover up a hole. Problem was half of the lid was sticking UP! “MOM, the bedroom door doesn’t stay closed!” I thought maybe she just didn’t shut the door tightly enough, but nope she was right it would not latch. So the suitcase became the lovely doorstop.

Did we contemplate leaving? Yes…but we knew we would be out most of the days sightseeing, so decided we would make the best of it and we did! There was a nice creek out in front of the cabin, which is where my youngest said she spotted a bear. She hadย  went wandering away from me and her sister a little ways up further into the woods. From the look on her face and the way she came running I would say she did. So much for playing in the creek.

Happy to say that the hot tub was for real! My girls loved it, bubbles galore! I loved it! So amidst the mice, bear scare, doors that won’t shut and my daughter falling halfway down the narrow stairs that had no railing, we did have fun! We were together and that’s what mattered right, and we said how we will look back on this someday and laugh and always remember our Mansion in the woods!

That is exactly what happened!ย  The girls were laughing about it again the day after New Year’s with friends of ours!

And now you know The REST of the STORY! ๐Ÿ™‚

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