Baby, its COLD outside!!

I Have heard that song a lot on the radio over Christmas time, but today is the day that it is most accurate!! A balmy 8 degrees! The girls are happy about a 2 hour delay this morning, due to the weather. Being that it is only  8 degrees out right now, i don’t think 2 hours made that much difference!

So I wait til the absolute last minute to take off my cozy robe and get dressed, since robes are still not proper work attire! Ha!

As I think about how cold it is; I am thankful not just for my robe,  but for my warm home! I feel sad for the ones who don’t have the warmth of a cozy place to get out of the cold, but there is something worse besides being left out in the freezing cold.

My heart aches for people with cold hearts. For the ones who have hearts that have been broken so badly that they have closed it off. It’s as frozen as ice,  that no one can break. i hurt for the ones who have so much bitterness in there that they have trouble showing warmth to anyone. As a special quote says, “Bitterness is the poison that we drink ourselves, hoping to kill our enemy.” You can pile on the layers of warm clothing, but it can’t take away the coldness of your heart. You can live in a tropical place where your body is never cold, but that won’t melt the ice around your heart.

All of a sudden the frigid temps don’t sound as harsh. I can handle it and I pray for the cold hearts. I pray for  a breakthrough, that they can know the true joy of letting go, forgiving and accepting people in to their walled off hearts. For we all need each other. No one should be alone.

May your heart be warm today and may the brightness of your heart radiate out to others, showing them the beauty of warmth!

11 thoughts on “Baby, its COLD outside!!

  1. Oh JR – that song has been in my head too, because even this hot-flashin’ momma is COLD these past few days!! You are so right, though, we need to be thankful for the warmth and shelter we have and be more concerned about warm hearts 🙂

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  2. I really loved this. Especially so because I have a close family member that is so filled with anger, bitterness and has such a cold cold heart. How I wished she would go to the doctor and get medicine (believe me, she needs it!). I honestly believe she will need the medicine before she will be able to open her heart up to God. One can only hope….. (sigh)

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  3. Thanks PJ and I am really sorry about your family member. It is so hard when we see the problem, but we can’t fix it and the other person doesn’t see it. God is in the business of miracles 🙂 praying one for your family member. HUGS!


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