The gift of laughter

What would we do without it?? To me, its just about as important as breathing! Do you remember the last time you laughed? I hope it was today! I was laughing at a comment a dear friend made on my Facebook status, and so she inspired this ๐Ÿ™‚ I am sure you know who you are Miss.Race Car Driver.

Laughter is true medicine to the heart. Forย  a moment it makes the heart light. It can last longer than a moment, remember all the hours we spent laughing as crazy teens! The silliest things could set us off. Those late night slumber parties when you were so tired, but you fought sleep and the later it got the more giddy you got; everything was funny! I still get that way!

But laughter is not only for the young! It’s very important as you grow older for it is what will keep you young at heart! As one of my favorite sayings go. We don’t stop laughing cause we grow old, we grow old cause we stop laughing!

I am glad to say that I still laugh A LOT , thanks to my wonderful family and friends!! Many reasons are provided for laughter.ย  It doesn’t matter if I am laughing due to a joke on or about me; for I know that the tables will be turned, and I will have the bigger laugh. Ha! Whatever the reason, the therapy that laughter does can’t be beat. Whether its for a moment or longer, the heart is free and the brain soars with a high feeling. A feeling deep inside knowing that as long as laughter is along your road, you will be able to get through those rocky patches and the twists and curves that the road throws at you.

So go forth and LAUGH!! Play that joke, watch the funny movie you seen 100x, go out with your friends, have a dream! Yes, if you are like me, your dreams can create a lot of laughter! However you do it, go do it.It brings you closer to the ones you laugh with and it isย  one of the best exercises for your heart that you can do!!


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